School of the Environment

For information about Yale College course offerings related to the environment, see Environmental Studies

The five-year B.A. or B.S./M.E.M. or M.E.Sc. degree program The B.A.–B.S./M.E.M. or M.E.Sc. degree program offers Yale College students the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree from Yale College and an M.E.M. or M.E.Sc. degree from the Yale School of Environment (YSE) in five years. 

Undergraduate requirements During four years of Yale College enrollment, students may complete any standard major. The required academic preparation for the five-year joint degree program is outlined on the YSE website. Generally, students are expected to complete eight courses that are substantially equivalent to YSE courses. Such courses must be relevant to the YSE degree being sought and might include upper-level YC courses, courses that are cross-listed between YSE and YC, or graduate or professional school courses. It is highly recommended that applicants complete undergraduate coursework in the following areas: ecology or ecosystems, physical sciences, social sciences, and microeconomics before applying.

Master’s program requirements By satisfying the eight course undergraduate requirement prior to YSE enrollment, students in the five-year M.E.M. program will, upon graduation, have completed coursework equivalent to the regular M.E.M. requirements. These include attendance at the Summer Training Modules (MODS); enrollment in the fall “Perspectives” course for all first-year M.E.M. students; satisfying the requirements of all Foundational Knowledge courses, and an approved capstone course. Students admitted to the five-year program during their senior year are encouraged to take a gap year before attending YSE. Gap year plans must be communicated to the YSE Admissions Office.

The M.E.Sc. degree is intended to provide students with a deeper disciplinary focus than the M.E.M. All students pursuing a M.E.Sc. degree must have an adviser in place before applying to YSE. The intended YSE faculty adviser must provide a letter as part of the student’s application stating their agreement to become the prospective student’s YSE adviser. The specific plan to meet the requirements of the M.E.Sc. are to be worked out with a student’s adviser, however most continue with deeper research of the subjects undertaken as part of their senior thesis requirement in Yale College.

Admission requirements Students apply to the B.A.–B.S./M.E.M. and M.E.Sc. program in the fall term of the senior year or in the two years immediately following graduation. Applications are submitted through the Yale School of the Environment's application system. Questions about admissions should be directed to the YSE Office of Admissions at Further information about the program may be viewed on the YSE website.