Thesis Pending (Delayed Submission of Thesis)

Students who have not received final grades from both advisers and submitted their thesis electronically by May 1 will be considered “thesis pending” and will receive a grade of “Incomplete” for the thesis. Students who are “thesis pending” will not be allowed to participate in the Commencement ceremony and will not receive the M.P.H. degree until all requirements are complete.

Students who are “thesis pending” are given one year to complete the thesis without penalty. During this time, students in “thesis pending” status must be registered for continuous study each term of the regular academic year until the thesis requirement has been completed (except in the case of an approved Leave of Absence). Students may not register for regular course work while on continuous study status. Students are permitted to be on continuous study for a maximum of two terms. The fee for continuous study is $820 per term. Students registered for continuous study are not eligible for financial aid.

At the end of the one-year period, the grade of “Incomplete” will be changed to a grade of “F” if the thesis has not been submitted. The student will then be required to register for the thesis course and pay the per course unit tuition charge ($5,346 per course unit) in order to submit the completed thesis. All M.P.H. degree requirements including the thesis must be completed within five years of the student’s date of matriculation.