Student Groups and Activities

YDS students enjoy a rich community life in both the larger University and the School itself. On the YDS campus, life outside the classroom centers on two student-led organizations, the Yale Divinity Student Government (YDSG) and the Community Life Committee (CLC), both of which provide programming to enrich community life among students, faculty, and staff of YDS.

The YDSG leadership is elected each spring term (and fall term, if needed). Through the YDSG, students have an active voice alongside faculty and administration in making decisions affecting the academic and community life of YDS. In addition, the YDSG, in conjunction with the CLC, addresses the needs of the community as they arise each year.

The CLC, under the direction of student coordinators and a committee of students, faculty, and staff, oversees the work and ministry of student groups on campus. In addition, the CLC sponsors three annual events: the Advent Party, Spring Fling, and the All-School Conference (a program of speakers, panel discussions, dinners, and social events focused on a common theme). The CLC also sponsors a series of monthly community events during the academic year to provide an opportunity for socializing and the sharing of community concerns.

The student groups and activities all make community life at YDS rich in opportunities for learning, socializing, serving, and giving leadership. In addition, as members of the Yale University graduate and professional student population, YDS students are invited to participate in all appropriate student organizations and activities. YDS students enjoy the nightly social life of the Gryphon, a graduate and professional student center located at 204 York Street near the central University campus. Students are involved in leadership of graduate student activities and programs through the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. These venues for socializing and programming enable YDS students to meet and work alongside students from Yale’s other graduate and professional schools.