Berkeley Divinity School at Yale

A seminary of the Episcopal Church, Berkeley Divinity School strengthened its longstanding association with Yale Divinity School in 1971, becoming the only Episcopal seminary to be fully affiliated with a major research institution such as Yale University. This collaboration—in which Berkeley students earn Yale degrees while undertaking formation with the Berkeley community—continues to flourish year after year as Berkeley and YDS find creative ways of sharing resources and programs. Berkeley retains its distinctive Anglican identity through an independent board of trustees and administration, its dean, and the Berkeley Center located at 363 St. Ronan Street, even as its students are admitted by and fully enrolled as members of YDS. Episcopal students who are members of Berkeley come under the care of the dean of Berkeley Divinity School for spiritual and vocational formation. As Episcopalians, they are formed by the centrality of daily corporate worship, deliberate attention to the spiritual life, and a concentrated course of study in Anglican history and theology. At the same time, they are incorporated into the rigorous academic program of a divinity school with a world-renowned faculty and library and have access to the full resources of the professional schools, departments, and extracurricular programs of Yale University. Berkeley students are challenged on a daily basis by a lively ecumenical academic life as they engage faculty and colleagues from every variety of the Christian tradition, even as they follow a focused routine of prayer, worship, and hands-on practical pastoral experience. (For more on Episcopal life at Yale, see Denominational Preparation in the chapter Other Curricular Considerations.)

Episcopal students enrolled at YDS through Berkeley earn a Diploma or Certificate in Anglican Studies from Berkeley in addition to their Yale degree. Through YDS, Berkeley funds certain Episcopal and Anglican faculty and programs and offers scholarship support to students.

Founded in Middletown, Connecticut, in 1854, Berkeley Divinity School takes its name from George Berkeley, bishop of Cloyne, Ireland, philosopher, educator, and missionary, who spent three years in Rhode Island (1728–30) seeking to establish a theological college in the new world. His plans failed, but he became a benefactor of Yale College, establishing graduate scholarships and donating books to the library. Berkeley moved to New Haven in 1928 under the leadership of Dean William Palmer Ladd and has worked closely with Yale University ever since.

All admissions to Berkeley are administered through either YDS or the Institute of Sacred Music. Individuals interested in pursuing the program at Berkeley Divinity School should submit a YDS or ISM application for admission, indicating their desire to enroll in Berkeley. For further information, please contact the Dean’s Office, Berkeley Divinity School, 409 Prospect Street, New Haven CT 06511, telephone 203.432.9285, or visit the website at