Center for Continuing Education at Yale Divinity School

Founded in 2019, the Center for Continuing Education at Yale Divinity School provides opportunities and resources for churches, clergy, and laity to foster the knowledge and love of God in their communities. Under the leadership of Joel Baden, director, the center makes available the theological resources of YDS—events, lectures, programs, instructional resources, publications, and more—to enable and enrich ministry and lay learning. There are currently three primary programs offered through the center: Yale Bible Study, Yale Youth Ministry Institute, and Summer Study at Yale Divinity School. Further information is available on the center’s website at

Yale Bible Study

The Yale Bible Study is a rich and comprehensive program that encourages biblical scholarship, engaged discussion, and theological reflection, tailored especially for small group Bible study. Prominent Yale faculty help make the scriptures come alive, and detailed study guides provide in-depth content to spark and deepen discussion. Created in 2007 in partnership with the Congregational Church of New Canaan, the Yale Bible Study program has produced more than twenty-two online resources for small group Bible study.

Yale Youth Ministry Institute

The Yale Youth Ministry Institute’s mission is to promote adolescent faith and flourishing in a diverse and changing world by conducting scholarship, equipping leaders, and resourcing youth ministries in and beyond Christian churches. Created in 2013 as part of the Adolescent Faith and Flourishing program at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, YMI has undertaken numerous projects including a monthly lunch and lecture series; a weeklong summer symposium; development of over fifty essays, monographs, and companion curricula by YDS professors and scholars from around the world; and development of online courses and resources for those working with youth.

Summer Study at Yale Divinity School

Each summer, clergy and laypersons from around the country come to New Haven for Summer Study at Yale Divinity School. Running during consecutive weeks in June, Summer Study brings together distinguished teachers and practitioners to teach workshops and weeklong courses that enrich and enlighten. While courses do not carry academic credit, Summer Study work can be submitted by clergy participants for denominational continuing education credit.