Concerns About a Student

Instructors who are concerned about a student, whether due to their academic performance, health, or personal matters, are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the support and resources available at Yale College. The first person to call is the student's residential college dean. Each student is affiliated with a residential college, and the residential college deans, located in each of the fourteen residential colleges, are members of the Yale College Dean’s Office. The college deans oversee their students’ academic progress and general welfare. They know their students well and are readily available when an instructor wishes to report any matter relating to a student’s situation. Instructors should note that, while residential college deans may receive reports and information concerning a student, they are constrained from sharing information with others as required by FERPA. Residential college deans are eager to cooperate in any way possible with instructors, and instructors are urged to take full advantage of their assistance. Faculty can find the name of a particular student's residential college dean through the Photo Roster (list view) on the instructor's Canvas course site. The Yale College Dean’s Office Directory provides contact information for the residential college deans.

While instructors should first reach out to a student’s residential college dean, there may be situations when that is not possible. If the residential college dean is unavailable, or if your concern involves a group of students, contact the Dean of Student Affairs, Melanie Boyd. A report of concern will not necessarily lead to disciplinary action. Indeed, in many cases, counseling or some other risk reduction strategy is the most likely next step. If you have any questions about what to report, or to whom to report it, please contact the Student Affairs Office at 203-432-2907.

The following resources also provide a first point of contact or resource for both students and instructors who may need support or guidance in academic, health, or personal matters. Although students are aware of the resources listed below, instructors, if they feel comfortable, may share them when appropriate with students.

  • For academic support and resources, instructors and students should contact the Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • For individual accommodations for all students with disabilities, students should contact Student Accessibility Services.
  • For health concerns, students should contact Yale Health. Yale Health offers after hours and emergency care 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, including mental health and counseling support, through their Acute Care department.
  • For immediate concerns about a student’s safety or the safety of others, instructors or students should call the Yale Police Department at 203-432-4400 or 911.
  • Instructors who learn about any form of campus sexual misconduct, including student experiences, are obligated to share that information with a Title IX Coordinator. There are more detailed guidelines for reporting available here. In addition to support from the Title IX Office, instructors may contact SHARE Center and the Yale Police.  Students may also contact any of those resources directly to get support and to file a report. 
  • For support or reports about other forms or harassment and bias, students may contact the Deans’ Designees for Yale College, or reach out to the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs.
  • For guidance on addressing concerns about students, instructors may also consult with their department’s director of undergraduate studies, or with the Student Affairs Office at 203-432-2907.