M. Eli Whitney Students Program

The Eli Whitney Students program is designed to meet the needs of students who may not be able to attend college full time by allowing nonresident students to enroll in Yale College. The Eli Whitney Students program is for enrollment for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) only; students in the program are therefore ineligible for the simultaneous award of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Like all others enrolled in Yale College, students in this program are required to comply with the academic regulations.

To qualify for the bachelor’s degree through the Eli Whitney Students program, a student must successfully complete at least thirty-six course credits or the equivalent and must enroll in Yale College for at least four terms, earning by attendance in the Eli Whitney Students program at least eighteen of the required thirty-six credits. As many as eighteen course credits earned at another college or university or in the Non-degree Students program at Yale may be transferred toward the requirements for the bachelor’s degree. Such credit will be awarded for academic courses that were taken at an accredited institution and that were similar in content to Yale College courses. Grades of A or B are expected, and no more than one-quarter of courses accepted for transfer toward the requirements for the degree may have grades of C. The thirty-six course credits completed at Yale or elsewhere must meet the distributional requirements.

Candidates for a bachelor’s degree must fulfill the requirements of one of the major programs. See Majors in Yale College and also Major Programs in the Undergraduate Curriculum section.

  1. Academic requirements The Eli Whitney Students program normally is to be completed in a period not exceeding seven years from initial enrollment. In any calendar year, an Eli Whitney student must have completed three courses to remain in academic good standing. Eli Whitney students are required to meet all of the academic obligations of any course in which they enroll and all requirements of their degree program. At the end of each term, the records of all Eli Whitney students will be reviewed; a student who does not have at least a C average for that term will be placed on Academic Warning and may not be permitted to enroll in a subsequent term.
  2. Registration and enrollment Eli Whitney students submit their course schedules for approval to their residential college dean according to the submission deadline for seniors. Students are permitted to enroll for a full course load, up to 5.5 course credits each term, with the possibility of a greater term load if appropriate permissions are secured. See “Normal Program of Study” in section C, Course Credits and Course Loads. Eli Whitney students are not eligible to enroll in freshman seminars, even during their first year in the program.
  3. Tuition and financial aid Tuition for the 2017–2018 academic year for Eli Whitney students is $5,700 per course credit; students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Yale employees are entitled to a tuition reduction as determined by the Office of Human Resources. Tuition must be paid in full to the Office of Student Financial Services before registration.
  4. Facilities and services Eli Whitney students are entitled to use the library system together with the other facilities that are required for the courses in which they are enrolled, such as laboratories, computers, and the like. They are also eligible for services such as career counseling through the Office of Career Strategy and for fellowships through the Center for International and Professional Experience. Eli Whitney students are entitled to purchase gymnasium memberships and Yale Health coverage. Students in the Eli Whitney program are not eligible for undergraduate housing and they may not serve as freshman counselors.
  5. Regulations Eli Whitney students are governed by the academic regulations of Yale College, wherever appropriate, and by the rules contained in the Undergraduate Regulations. In disciplinary matters, Eli Whitney students are subject to the jurisdiction of the Yale College Executive Committee.
  6. Leave of absence and withdrawal See section J, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, and Reinstatement. All regular deadlines and policies apply.
  7. Course credit from outside Yale Students enrolled in the Eli Whitney Students program may receive up to two course credits for work completed outside Yale after matriculation, according to the guidelines of Section P, Credit from Other Universities, provided that they enroll in Yale College for at least four terms, earning by attendance at Yale a minimum of eighteen course credits.
  8. Year or Term Abroad With the approval of the director of the Eli Whitney Students Program and the Committee on the Year or Term Abroad, students enrolled in the Eli Whitney Students program may undertake study outside the United States for a Year or Term Abroad. An Eli Whitney student must comply with all deadlines and requirements of the Committee on the Year or Term Abroad. See “Year or Term Abroad” in section K, Special Arrangements. To be eligible to apply, an Eli Whitney student must have accumulated, before enrolling abroad, at least twelve course credits but no more than twenty-two course credits toward the 36-course-credit requirement. Study abroad must involve full-time work at the university level. Eli Whitney students must enroll for at least two terms in Yale College after their return from study abroad.
  9. Yale students No person who was ever a regular student in Yale College may enter the Eli Whitney Students program before the lapse of five years after withdrawing from Yale College. A person who in the past has withdrawn from Yale College without graduating and who wishes to return to Yale as a candidate for the bachelor’s degree as an Eli Whitney student must make application to the Eli Whitney Students program and fulfill all of its requirements for the bachelor’s degree, including the requirement that at least eighteen course credits must be earned while the student is enrolled in the Eli Whitney Students program. Once a former Yale College student has entered the Eli Whitney Students program, that student may pursue the bachelor’s degree only through the Eli Whitney Students program.

Further information and application forms for the Eli Whitney Students program are available on the Eli Whitney Students Program Website.