Egyptian (EGYP)

EGYP 110a, Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian ILingxin Zhang

Introduction to the language of ancient pharaonic Egypt (Middle Egyptian) and its hieroglyphic writing system, with short historical, literary, and religious texts. Grammatical analysis with exercises in reading, translation, and composition.  L1
TTh 9am-10:15am

EGYP 120b, Introduction to Classical Hieroglyphic Egyptian IILingxin Zhang

Continuation of EGYP 110. Prerequisite: EGYP 110.  L2RP
TTh 9am-10:15am

* EGYP 128b / AFST 128b / ARCG 128b / NELC 129b / RLST 251b, Magic and Ritual in Ancient Egypt and the Near EastJohn Darnell

Introduction to ancient Egyptian magic and rituals with an overview on the use of magic and discussion of the different rituals and festivals attested in Ancient Egypt and the Near East.  HU
MW 2:30pm-3:45pm

* EGYP 131a, Intermediate Egyptian I: Literary TextsJohn Darnell

This course engages in close reading of Middle Egyptian literary texts in hieroglyphic transcription, along with an introduction to the hieratic (cursive) Egyptian script of the original sources. Primary sources include the Middle Kingdom stories, principally those known by the modern titles “The Story of Sinuhe” and “The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant.” Assigned secondary literature includes reviews of grammatical topics in Middle Egyptian and analyses of the cultural, religious, and historical context of the literary texts. We also read portions of texts from other genres—historical, administrative, etc.—that serve to illuminate concepts and practices appearing in the literary compositions.  Prerequisite: EGYP 120 or permission of instructor.  L3
MW 2:30pm-3:45pm

* EGYP 137a / RLST 423a, Gnostic Texts in CopticRamona Teepe

Reading, translation, and analysis of Gnostic and Valentinian literature from Nag Hammadi, in several dialects of Coptic.  Prerequisite: EGYP 127 or equivalent. Counts as L4 if taken after EGYP 147 or equivalent.  L3
TTh 11:35am-12:50pm

* EGYP 141b, Intermediate Egyptian: Historical TextsLingxin Zhang

Close reading of Middle Egyptian historical texts in original hieroglyphic and hieratic script. Initial survey of ancient Egyptian historiography and grammatical forms peculiar to this genre of text. Prerequisite: EGYP 120. Counts as L4 if taken after EGYP 131.  L3RP
TTh 4pm-5:15pm

* EGYP 147b / RLST 422b, Egyptian Monastic Literature in CopticStephen Davis

Readings in the early Egyptian classics of Christian asceticism in Sahidic Coptic, including the desert Fathers and Shenute. Prerequisite: EGYP 127 or equivalent. Counts as L4 if taken after EGYP 137 or equivalent.  L3
TTh 9am-10:15am

* EGYP 158a, Ancient Egyptian Texts of the First and Second Intermediate PeriodsJohn Darnell

Close readings of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic and hieratic texts of the First and Second Intermediate Periods. The material includes autobigraphical texts, letters, religious texts, documentary and historical texts. The material addresses questions of political and social change, causes and nature of internal and external warfare, the development of self-presentation for both royal and non-royal people, and changes in ancient Egyptian religion. This course requires completion of L1 and L2 Beginning Ancient Egyptian. Ideally, students will have taken at least one semester of L3 and L4 Intermediate Egyptian, although some may be admitted with instructor permission.  L5RP
MW 4pm-5:15pm

* EGYP 228b, The Ancient Egyptian Netherworld BooksJohn Darnell

Study of the Netherworld Books, known primarily from the royal tombs of the New Kingdom. Readings from the Book of the Hidden Chamber (Amduat), Book of Gates, Book of Caverns, Book of the Creation of the Solar Disk, Books of the Day and the Night, Books of the Solar-Osirian Unity, Book of the Heavenly Cow, and the Book of Nut. The course introduces the study of ancient Egyptian cryptography, and includes discussions of the significance of these texts for understanding Egyptian religion and the possible contributions of these compositions to the later Hermetica and Christian Gnosticism. Prerequisites: EGYP 102 and EGYP 103 or equivalents, as well as at least one semester of EGYP 104 and 105.  L5RP
MW 4pm-5:15pm

* EGYP 401a, Ancient Egyptian Scientific TextsLingxin Zhang

Students read ancient Egyptian scientific texts dated between 2000 BCE to 1000 BCE. Specifically, students look at ancient Egyptian treatises on medicine, mathematics, geography, as well as relevant onomastica (word-lists). We accompany our investigation of the primary sources with discussions about relevant material cultures and methodology for studying sciences through ancient texts.  Prerequisite: At least one L3 course in hieroglyphic Egyptian.  L5
MW 9am-10:15am