Vietnamese (VIET)

VIET 110a, Elementary Vietnamese IQuang Van

Students acquire basic working ability in Vietnamese, developing skills in speaking, listening, writing (Roman script), and reading. Discussion of aspects of Vietnamese society and culture. Intended for students with no previous knowledge of Vietnamese.  L11½ Course cr
MTWThF 9:25am-10:15am

VIET 120b, Elementary Vietnamese IIQuang Van

Continuation of VIET 110.  L21½ Course cr
MTWThF 9:25am-10:15am

* VIET 132a, Accelerated VietnameseQuang Van

This course follows a community-based language model designed for heritage students or speakers who comprehend and speak informal Vietnamese on topics related to everyday situations but do not read or write Vietnamese. Study of interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communicative modes, as well as standard foreign language education (communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities). Students will engage with Vietnamese American communities in New Haven and beyond.  Admits to VIET 140.  L3
MWF 10:30am-11:20am

* VIET 142b, Accelerated Vietnamese IIQuang Van

An accelerated course designed for heritage students who wish to build a higher level of proficiency and develop sociocultural competence in speaking, reading, and writing. Topics include health care, rituals, community, linguistic landscape, education, mass communication, literature, history, values, and traditional and pop cultures. VIET 132 or equivalent.  L4
MWF 10:30am-11:20am

VIET 150a, Advanced VietnameseQuang Van

Students improve their fluency and accuracy in Vietnamese and solidify their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Topics include social, economic, and cultural practices, gender issues, notions of power, and taboo. Prerequisite: VIET 140 or equivalent.  L5

VIET 220b / ER&M 209b / LITR 279b, Introduction to Vietnamese Culture, Values, and LiteratureQuang Van

Introduction to Vietnamese culture and values. Topics include cultural and national identity, aesthetics, the meaning of life, war, and death. Selected readings from Zen poems, folklore, autobiographies, and religious and philosophical writings. Course is taught in English and is an alternative to Western perspectives. Readings in translation. No previous knowledge of Vietnamese required.  HUTr
TTh 4pm-5:15pm

* VIET 470a and VIET 471b, Independent TutorialQuang Van

For students with advanced Vietnamese language skills who wish to engage in concentrated reading and research on material not otherwise offered in courses. The work must be supervised by an adviser and must terminate in a term paper or its equivalent. Permission to enroll requires submission of a detailed project proposal and its approval by the program adviser.