Urban Studies


Professors Katerina Clark (Literature, Slavic Languages & Literatures), Kathryn Dudley (Anthropology, American Studies), Keller Easterling (School of Architecture), Matthew Jacobson (African American Studies, History, American Studies), Jennifer Klein (History), Alan Plattus (School of Architecture), Douglas Rae (School of Management, Political Science), Michael Rowe (School of Medicine), Helen Siu (Anthropology), Robert Solomon (Law School), Jay Winter (History)

Associate Professors Laura Barraclough (American Studies), Elihu Rubin (School of Architecture, American Studies)

Lecturers Karla Britton (Architecture), Gordon Geballe (Forestry & Environmental Studies), Jay Gitlin (History), Virginia Jewiss (Humanities)

Courses related to urban studies may be found in a number of different departments and programs, particularly American Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Environmental Studies, History, Humanities, Political Science, and Sociology. The course, STCY 176, Introduction to the Study of the City, is offered each year; details may be found under the heading Study of the City.

Urban studies can be incorporated into a number of major programs. The Architecture major includes an Urban Studies track. Students majoring in American Studies and in Ethics, Politics, and Economics are required to select an area of concentration, and urban studies meets this requirement. Political Science majors who select the optional interdisciplinary concentration may focus on urban studies.

Students interested in pursuing a concentration in urban studies within a particular major are encouraged to contact their director of undergraduate studies. Faculty members listed above are available to help students identify appropriate sequences and combinations of courses and may also be willing to meet with students who are writing senior essays on interdisciplinary urban topics.