International Experience

Experience abroad is an invaluable complement to academic training. Such experience may include course work at foreign universities, intensive language training, directed research, independent projects, internships, laboratory work, and volunteer service. Yale College provides a variety of international opportunities during term time, summers, and post-graduation, as well as a large and growing number of fellowships to support students abroad, all of which augment students’ education in a globalizing world. Students can visit the Center for International and Professional Experience to explore options for study abroad, search for international internships and careers, and seek funding for study, research, and work experiences off campus.

Summer Abroad

Summer courses abroad are offered through Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad and Yale in London; students may also apply through Yale Study Abroad to earn credit from eligible outside summer study abroad programs. Students receiving financial aid are eligible for summer funding (one summer) through the International Summer Award (ISA) program.

Year or Term Abroad

In recognition of the special value of formal study abroad, Yale College allows juniors and second-term sophomores to earn a full year or term of credit toward the bachelor’s degree through the Year or Term Abroad program. Participation in the program provides students the opportunity to approach academic study through a different cultural perspective. Students apply to the Yale College Committee on the Year or Term Abroad for approval of a program of study abroad. The pertinent application procedures and regulations are listed in the Academic Regulations, section K, Special Arrangements. Additional information is available from the Study Abroad office.

Yale in London

The Yale in London program offers spring-term courses in British art and culture at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, located in central London. The program is open to undergraduates, carries full Yale course credit, and counts as a term of enrollment. Instruction is designed to take advantage of the cultural resources of London and its environs, with regular field trips (including overnight stays) to museums, historic houses, and other sites of interest. Accommodations are provided for students in shared apartments. Further information is available on the program website, or from the Yale in London office at the Yale Center for British Art, or by email to

Yale in London Summer Program

Yale in London offers two overlapping summer sessions at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in central London, each lasting six weeks. There are two courses in each session, which vary from year to year and cover topics in humanities and social sciences, including history, history of art, architecture, sociology, literature, and drama. The courses are open to undergraduates and carry full Yale course credit, although enrollment in a Yale in London summer session does not count as a term of enrollment in Yale College. As with the spring program, the summer sessions take advantage of the cultural resources of London and its environs, and include overnight field trips. Accommodations are provided. Course descriptions and further information are available on the program website, or from the Yale in London office at the Yale Center for British Art, or by email to

The MacMillan Center

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale is the University’s focal point for promoting teaching and research on all aspects of international affairs, societies, and cultures around the world. It brings together scholars from relevant schools and departments to provide comparative and problem-oriented teaching and research on regional, international, and global issues. The MacMillan Center oversees six undergraduate majors: African Studies, East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Modern Middle East Studies, Russian and East European Studies, and South Asian Studies. Language training is integral to each of the majors.

Further information about the MacMillan Center is available on the Yale MacMillan Center website.

Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

The Jackson Institute’s mission is to inspire and prepare Yale students for global citizenship and service. The Institute administers the undergraduate major in Global Affairs and offers a number of courses that are open to students in Yale College, including GLBL 101, Gateway to Global Affairs.  The Institute also administers several undergraduate fellowship competitions available to any Yale College student wishing to conduct independent research abroad, language study, or an internship related to international affairs.  

Each year the Jackson Institute hosts Senior Fellows, leading practitioners and experts in global affairs who teach courses, give public lectures, and are available to consult with students on their career plans. The Jackson Institute's career development office serves as a resource for Global Affairs majors contemplating careers in public service and other areas of global affairs. For further information, consult the Institute website.