Committee Structure

The following committees, composed of faculty members appointed by the dean and elected student representatives, assist the dean in the formulation and implementation of policies governing activities of the School:

  1. Executive Committee (permanent and other faculty members). Participates in policy making, operational decisions, and faculty appointments.
  2. Rules Committee (four faculty members, three students). Reviews, interprets, and implements the Academic Rules and Regulations of the School; recommends policy and procedural changes to the Academic Rules and Regulations of the School; and oversees the Disciplinary Procedures of Unacceptable Conduct. Student representatives are not privy to, nor may they vote on, issues regarding individual student cases.
  3. Admissions Committee (up to ten faculty members, four students). Reviews and makes recommendations on admission policies; reviews all applications for admission and makes admission recommendations to the dean.
  4. Curriculum Committee (dean, associate dean responsible for curricular affairs, and study area coordinators). Reviews and recommends curriculum changes; is responsible for the development of detailed curriculum for each term.
  5. Design Committee (design faculty). Discusses and reviews issues that involve the teaching of design; evaluates student design performance.
  6. M.E.D. Program Committee (faculty members, two students). Acts as directive body for the M.E.D. program and recommends curriculum changes.
  7. Undergraduate Planning Committee (faculty members). Plans and reviews courses in architecture offered to Yale College undergraduate students; oversees Yale College Architecture major.
  8. Arts Library Liaison Committee (three faculty members, one student). Advises the Arts Library on acquisition and maintenance issues.
  9. Dual Degree Committee (six faculty members). Recommends to the Rules Committee student course of study proposals for the joint degrees with other professional schools of the University.
  10. Dean’s Advisory Committee on Student Grievances (two faculty members; two members who may be faculty, administrators, or other individuals employed by the University; one student). Implements General Student Grievance Procedures of the Grievance Procedures of the University.
  11. Awards and Prizes Committee (seven faculty members). Makes award and prize recommendations to the faculty.
  12. Ph.D. Admissions Committee (seven faculty members). Reviews and makes recommendations on Ph.D. program admission policies; reviews all applications for admission to the Architecture Ph.D. program and makes admission recommendations.
  13. Bass Scholars Committee (two faculty members). Selects students for the Bass Scholars program.
  14. Student Advisory Committee (two representative members from each year of the M.Arch. I, M.Arch. II, and M.E.D. programs, one faculty member, and at least one representative of the Dean). Ensures a regular forum for communication and feedback concerning the views and interests of the student body.