Center for Engineering Innovation and Design

Since opening in 2012, the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID) has served as the hub for collaborative design and interdisciplinary activity at Yale University. Its goal is to enable the design, development, and actualization of ideas, from the whiteboard to the real world. Students, staff, and faculty from across Yale have access to CEID resources, participate in courses and events, and collaborate with CEID staff on a wide range of projects. The CEID acts as both an educational resource as well as a focal point for design and engineering on campus. Its 8,700-square-foot design lab combines an open studio, lecture hall, wet lab, and meeting rooms. The studio is equipped with 3-D printers, hand-tools, electronics workstations, and a variety of materials for members to use. Members have 24/7 access to the studio space, as well as to a state-of-the-art machine shop, wood shop, and wet lab during regular staffed hours.