Institutions and Faith Affiliations Represented, 2022–2023

A wide range of faith traditions characterizes the YDS student body, and the ecumenical nature of YDS—coupled with diverse racial, cultural, and social associations on campus—nurtures students in their own faiths while enhancing their understanding of the many other traditions represented on campus. Students also hail from a variety of prior educational affiliations representing colleges and universities across the United States and abroad. In 2022–23, students identified with thirty different faith traditions including many mainline U.S. denominations such as the United Church of Christ and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; the Roman Catholic Church; historic black churches including the Church of God in Christ and National Baptist Convention; and unspecified evangelical traditions. Alumni/ae of 266 colleges and universities were represented, ranging from each of the Ivy League schools; to small liberal arts institutions such as Williams and Wesleyan; to large state universities including San Diego State and Tennessee; to HBCUs such as Morehouse and Spelman; to Christian schools like Wheaton College (IL) and Liberty University.

General Summary

M.A.R. students 129
M.Div. students 141
S.T.M. students 18
Total number of degree students 288
Research affiliates 5
International exchange students 4
Total number of nondegree students 9
Total number of institutions represented 266
Total number of faith affiliations represented 30