Programs of Study

Yale Divinity School offers several programs in professional theological education. Each is designed with a threefold intent: (1) to foster and demand serious consideration by students of the essential historical substance of Christian faith and tradition; (2) to explore ways of thinking sensitively and constructively about theological issues and the practical, moral, social, and ecclesiastical problems of today’s world; and (3) to provide training and experience promoting the development of effective leadership in the Christian community for the well-being of the persons and societies it serves. Toward these ends a range of opportunities is made available—through instruction, study and research, worship, community-wide reflection, field placements, and informal contacts—to encourage the personal, intellectual, religious, and vocational maturity of each student.

In its programs of study, YDS takes seriously the diversity of its student body. Differences in preparation for theological education are met by flexible curricular requirements to permit students to work at levels commensurate with their individual achievements and capabilities. Differences in interests are met by the breadth and depth of curricular offerings provided in the School and through other branches of Yale University. Differences in vocational clarity and goals are met by the diversity of curricular options, by exposure to a wide variety of possibilities in field education, and by numerous opportunities to supplement formal programs with noncurricular resources and activities. Furthermore, each of the foundational courses in the M.Div. curriculum attends to questions of diversity, equity, and power in relation to the historical formation of that discipline.