Yale Carbon Containment Lab

At the Yale University Carbon Containment Lab (CC Lab), we design, test, and develop novel and neglected, low-cost, safe, scalable, and verifiable methods of atmospheric carbon containment.

We look at both carbon removal and emissions abatement with a goal of scaled implementation. Our goal is to contribute to containing one billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent (MTCO2e) emissions by 2050, with more short term goals of supporting the annual containment of one million metric tons by 2030.

The CC Lab is led by Executive Director Dean Takahashi, longtime senior director of the Yale Investments Office, along with managing directors Anastasia O’Rourke ’09 Ph.D. and Justin Freiberg ’10 M.E.Sc.

We focus on approaches that are inspired and supported by natural systems. We do so by designing and testing novel systems and methods. analyzing and measuring methods for carbon containment from a variety of technical, economic, financial, environmental, and social impact perspectives. We also focus on engaging markets, paving the way for financing and deploying innovative carbon containment methods at scale, and with sustainable business models.

The CC Lab portfolio currently includes projects sequestering carbon using geologic storage, capturing fugitive methane emissions, and exploring opportunities for carbon containment in wood biomass. Some are led by the CC Lab team and some by external partners and collaborators across a variety of sectors and specialties. Operating as part of the Yale School of the Environment, the CC Lab draws on the exceptional expertise and skills of Yale University faculty, alumni, students, staff, and other external partners and collaborators. The CC Lab eagerly supports student intern opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students and encourages students to check the CC Lab’s website for current opportunities. Additionally, the CC Lab welcomes opportunities and proposals for collaboration.

Interested in working with us? Send your résumé or proposal to carboncontainment.lab@yale.edu.