Yale Center for Environmental Justice

The Yale Center for Environmental Justice (YCEJ) is a joint undertaking between Yale School of the Environment and Yale Law School committed to strengthening institutional capacity to empower frontline communities to lead change by catalyzing partnerships and expanding interdisciplinary research, teaching, and practice in environmental justice. In addition, YCEJ promotes an expanded definition of environmental justice, recognizing the lived experiences and interconnected systemic inequities that shape environmental inequality.

The center promotes different environmental justice initiatives at Yale through partnerships, programs, outreach, and convening. YCEJ hosts several events throughout the year including the Global Environmental Justice Conference, an annual gathering that brings together scholars, practitioners, and activists from around the world and across disciplines to discuss how scholarship, social justice, and environmental management can be effectively integrated.

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology is an international, multireligious project contributing to a new academic field and an engaged moral force of religious environmentalism. With its conferences, publications, monthly newsletter, and website, it explores religious worldviews, texts, and ethics in order to contribute to environmental solutions along with science, policy, law, economics, and appropriate technology.

The forum was founded in 1998 by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim and has been based at Yale University since 2006. Please explore our website, https://fore.yale.edu, for more information on the mission, history, and projects of the forum.