The International Leadership Center (ILC)

The International Leadership Center (ILC) develops and supports innovative, effective, and adaptive leaders to address the most acute and complex challenges facing the world.  It provides exceptional rising leaders from government, the private sector, and civil society with opportunities to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills, and networks and to access world-leading research, scholars, and practitioners.

The ILC helps leaders make sense of our world and supports them to make positive changes through sharing experience, creating a space for exploring and learning, and the development of networks.

This unique center—established in the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century—promotes inclusive and international collaboration and is dedicated to harnessing its network for the local and global good.

Fellowships within the ILC

Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship

The Yale Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship offers an opportunity for sixteen young climate and clean energy practitioners from across the Global South to broaden their technical skills, deepen their professional networks, and exchange views with top global clean energy and climate change leaders. This new eight-month, three-part initiative is based in Yale’s International Leadership Center, with partnerships throughout the University. For more information about this fellowship, please visit

Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program

The Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program selects international leaders from different places, backgrounds, and disciplines and who are committed to making the world a better place to spend a term in residence together at Yale to grow intellectually, share knowledge, strengthen skills, and expand networks.

Petraeus-Recanati-Kaplan (PRK) Fellowship

The PRK Fellowship enables experienced, carefully selected military special operators to gain a deeper understanding of global affairs; to engage intellectually with different perspectives; to develop relationships with future leaders across the diplomatic, development, defense, and civil society communities; and to expand international networks in order to deliver more comprehensive responses to global challenges. The Fellows study for a one-year Master of Advanced Study in Global Affairs at the Jackson School of Global Affairs.