International Security Studies (ISS)

International Security Studies is dedicated to the study of international history, grand strategy, and global security. Through its convening power and unique interdisciplinary approach, ISS brings together faculty from across the University who work on issues of international security, especially at the nexus of history and political science. ISS supports faculty and student research; awards pre- and post-doctoral fellowships to visiting scholars; and organizes a wide range of conferences, workshops, and other symposia, enriching the Yale community. Founded in 1988, ISS became a part of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs in October 2021.

Programs within ISS

The Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy

The Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy was established in 2011, shortly after Dr. Henry A. Kissinger donated his papers to Yale University. The Johnson Center encourages research and teaching on United States foreign policy by drawing on the Kissinger papers as well as other important Yale library collections in this field. The Johnson Center brings prominent statesmen to campus as Kissinger Senior Fellows and hosts Kissinger Visiting Scholars who are researching and writing about the history of American diplomacy. The Center hosts an annual conference and other events that convene practitioners and scholars from around the world to discuss contemporary issues in international affairs.

The Schmidt Program on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Emerging Technologies, and National Power

The Schmidt Program on Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, and National Power fosters research and teaching that spans the disciplines of computer science, data science, economics, engineering, history, international relations, law, philosophy, physics, and political science.

The program examines how artificial intelligence has the potential to alter the fundamental building blocks of world order. It is a hub for scholars and practitioners working across disciplines on the technological and strategic transformations that are reshaping our world.

The Maritime and Naval Studies Project

The ISS Maritime and Naval Studies Project convenes leading academics and practitioners to analyze lessons from naval history and the precarious state of maritime affairs today.

The America, China, and Eurasia Project

This ISS project combines the study of history with current policy analysis to further understand Russian goals vis-à-vis Eurasia, as well as Chinese intentions with regards to the Indo-Pacific region.

Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy and International Security Studies

International Security Studies first launched the Grand Strategy Program in 2000, founded by Professors John Lewis Gaddis and Paul Kennedy, along with the late Diplomat-in-Residence Charles Hill. The program was most recently led by Professor Beverly Gage, and now Michael Brenes serves as the Interim Director.

Michael Brenes is supported by an advisory board of faculty from across Yale, chaired by the ISS Director, Professor Arne Westad. The current GS student cohort consists of twenty-three students, mostly undergraduates with majors ranging from history and economics to philosophy and biology. They study a varied curriculum, emphasizing classic texts in strategy as well as large-scale, long-term strategic challenges of statecraft, politics, and social change.

ISS Fellowships

  • Predoctoral Fellowships
  • Brady-Johnson Predoctoral Fellowships
  • Henry A. Kissinger Predoctoral Fellowships
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • The Henry Chauncey ’57 Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Henry A. Kissinger Visiting Scholars Program
  • The Kenneth R. Miller, Jr. Fellowship
  • ISS Marine Corps Fellowship