Tuition and Fees

Tuition, 2023–2024*

Full-time study, per term: $24,150

Full-time study in IDE, per term: $24,150

Half-time study, per term: $12,075

Master’s programs, less than half-time per term

One-quarter time study, per term: $6,037.50

Division of Special Registration (DSR, nondegree study)

Course work, per course, per term (including audited courses): $6,037.50

Visiting Students, per term: $24,150

Visiting Assistants in Research, per month: $425

Fees, 2023–2024†

Continuous Registration Fee (CRF), per term: $790

Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage, twelve months§: $2,894

Appointment to a University post does not exempt a student from registration and payment of other fees. Full-time (and certain part-time) Yale managerial and professional employees and their spouses, postdoctoral appointees and their spouses, as well as the spouses of Yale faculty, are eligible for a tuition reduction in the DSR and master’s programs. They should consult Human Resources for details. Postdoctoral appointees (whose appointments are at least half-time) may only receive tuition benefits if the classes taken are consistent with their educational training. With the permission of the instructor, full-time faculty members and their spouses, emeritus faculty and their spouses, postdoctoral appointees and their spouses, and University employees may audit courses without charge. Audited courses are not recorded on Graduate School transcripts. Classes audited by postdoctoral appointees should be consistent with the appointees’ training objectives, and appointees should discuss their plans with their mentors to ensure that the course work does not interfere with their research activities.

Candidates for degrees in the Graduate School, nondegree students paying full tuition, and spouses of full-time candidates for degrees in the Graduate School may audit courses without charge provided that they have received the approval of the course instructor.