Non-degree Students

The Non-degree Students program is designed to meet the needs of those unable to attend college full-time by offering non-resident students the opportunity to enroll in Yale College courses for credit, but not for a degree. It is open to academically qualified persons who have attended other colleges or universities or who have not previously continued their education beyond high school. It is also open to graduates of Yale College and to certain Yale employees with the permission of their supervisors. Students have used the Non-degree Students program to acquire personal or professional enrichment, to explore fields new to them, or to prepare for career changes.

Non-degree students apply for their status to the appropriate associate director of undergraduate admissions by an established deadline, are admitted after a careful screening process, and pay tuition per course.

Instructors are not permitted to admit to their courses any person who has not formally registered at Yale as a regular student, an Eli Whitney student, a non-degree student, or an auditor (see Auditing). Non-degree students are included on the class lists routinely sent to instructors, and are indicated under the “Class” column by the letters “ND” (for non-degree students).

Under no circumstances may an instructor admit a non-degree student to a limited-enrollment course unless the instructor, after consultation with Joel Silverman, director of the Non-degree Students program, has received written permission from that office to do so. Non-degree students having difficulties in a course should be referred to Joel Silverman, SSS 24 (1 Prospect Street, lower level).

Information about the Non-degree Students program is contained in the Academic Regulations in the YCPS.