Office of Global Affairs and Planetary Health

The Office of Global Affairs and Planetary Health (OGAPH) coordinates Yale School of Nursing’s programs worldwide by developing and organizing academic activities on planetary and global health. OGAPH believes in fostering an environment focused on health education rooted in science, global partnership, and cultural awareness. The office’s initiatives focus on improving the health of communities in the United States and around the world by promoting a global learning experience through diverse opportunities for collaborative research and scholarship. As a member of the Yale Institute of Global Health, OGAPH is the intersecting point for a wealth of opportunities across Yale. Members of the YSN community interested in global academic or research work domestically or internationally are encouraged to consult OGAPH and its resources.


  • Develop and support strategic partnerships inside the Yale community and beyond
  • Incorporate international students' and faculty's perspectives and experiences in the YSN community
  • Coordinate with the Yale Institute of Global Health to leverage shared interests across health professional schools
  • Facilitate nursing research
  • Integrate the concepts of global affairs and planetary health into all programs of study at YSN
  • Increase the resilience of healthcare systems to planetary stressors

The office also oversees the Global Health Track: see Global Health Track under Curriculum in the chapter Master’s Program (M.S.N.).

For more information, contact Mary Ann Marshak (, global affairs and planetary health coordinator.