YSN Student Policies and Guidelines

The Yale School of Nursing expects students to understand and follow its set student policies and guidelines intended to help students navigate their academic career at YSN. The information in this section includes policies, procedures, guidelines, and resources available to YSN students and outlines the School’s expectations for students.

Questions regarding the contents of this chapter can be directed to Erin Morelli, associate dean of student life, erin.morelli@yale.edu, 203.650.6484.

YSN student policies and guidelines are subject to change. For the most updated information, see https://nursing.yale.edu/students/ysn-student-policies-guidelines. The list of policies and guidelines, including those referenced in full below, includes:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Academic Support for Success
  • Access Student Records
  • Challenge Policy
  • Change in Specialty Policy and Process
  • Children in YSN Classrooms and Common Areas
  • Course Withdrawal
  • Disciplinary Procedures of the School of Nursing
  • Education Records
  • Emergency Suspension Policy
  • GEPN/MSN/DNP Students in Academic Difficulty (see below)
  • Grading System and Definitions of Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail (see below)
  • Inclement Weather Information
  • HIPAA and Yale Training Requirements
  • Leave of Absence and Withdrawal (see below)
  • R.N. Licensure and BLS (see below)
  • Mandatory Background Check
  • Military Leave (For those students in the Armed Forces, we thank you for your service. Please see Leave of Absence and Withdrawal, above, which provides information in the case of military deployment.)
  • Non-Matriculated Auditors and Students
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Part-Time Study for M.S.N. and Post-Master’s Certificate Students
  • Personal Conduct and Academic Integrity Standards (see below)
  • Policy on Student Participation in Commencement before Completion of Requirements (see below)
  • Poster and Publicity Policy for YSN Student Organizations (see below)
  • Religious Observance
  • Request for a Grade of Incomplete
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress: Implications for Financial Aid
  • Sexual Misconduct Resources (see also Resources on Sexual Misconduct in the chapter Yale University Resources and Services)
  • Student Building Use (see below)
  • Student Guidelines for Off-Campus Exams
  • Student NCLEX-RN Reporting Policy (see below)
  • Student Use of Degree Credentials
  • Summer Registration for Students
  • Technical Standards for Admission and Progression (see below)
  • Tobacco Free Yale
  • Tuition Rebate and Refund (see Tuition Rebate and Refund Policy in the chapter Educational Expenses and Financial Aid)
  • YSN Alcohol Policy for Student-Organized Events (see below)
  • YSN Accommodations Protocol (see below)

Commonly referenced policies and additional student guidelines are: