The regulations that follow spell out some of the actions that place the community in jeopardy and that may therefore result in suspension or expulsion from it. In general, these regulations are concerned with conduct on campus. While off-campus misconduct will not normally be the basis for disciplinary action by the University, it may result in disciplinary action under the circumstances specified below (See "Offenses," Section W. "Special provisions concerning student organizations"), or if such conduct otherwise imperils the integrity and values of the University community. Off-campus infractions committed in the course of a Yale-sponsored program anywhere in the world, such as a Yale Summer Session abroad course, a Yale-sponsored internship or fellowship, a student organization's tour, or the like, could also be subject to disciplinary charges. Students must recognize that Yale College exists within a larger community that has its own laws and standards of behavior, and that membership in Yale College confers no exemption from those laws and standards. Unruly behavior or illegal or destructive acts that adversely affect the community surrounding the Yale campus will not be condoned. Students, whether on campus or off campus, are under the jurisdiction of the city, state, and national governments.