Japanese (JAPN)

* JAPN 110a, Elementary Japanese IStaff

Introductory course for students with no previous background in Japanese. Development of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, including hiragana, katakana, and kanji characters. Introduction to Japanese culture and society. Individual tutorial sessions to improve oral communication skills.  L1RP1½ Course cr

* JAPN 120b, Elementary Japanese IIStaff

Continuation of JAPN 110, with additional materials such as excerpts from television shows, anime, and songs. Introduction of 150 additional kanji. After JAPN 110 or equivalent.  L2RP1½ Course cr

* JAPN 130a, Intermediate Japanese ISaori Nozaki

Continued development in both written and spoken Japanese. Aspects of Japanese culture, such as history, art, religion, and cuisine, explored through text, film, and animation. Online audio and visual aids facilitate listening, as well as the learning of grammar and kanji. Individual tutorial sessions improve conversational skills. After JAPN 120 or equivalent.  L3RP1½ Course cr

* JAPN 140b, Intermediate Japanese IIKumiko Nakamura

Continuation of JAPN 130. After JAPN 130 or equivalent.  L4RP1½ Course cr

* JAPN 150a, Advanced Japanese IKumiko Nakamura

Advanced language course that further develops proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening of Japanese. Discussion topics include a variety of Japanese culture and society, such as food, religion, and pop-culture. Individual tutorial sessions to improve oral communication skills. After JAPN 140 or equivalent.  L5RP

* JAPN 151b, Advanced Japanese IIHiroyo Nishimura

Continuation of JAPN 150. After JAPN 150 or equivalent.  L5RP
TTh 2:30pm-3:45pm

* JAPN 156a, Advanced Japanese IIIHiroyo Nishimura

Close reading of modern Japanese writing on current affairs, social science, history, and literature. Development of speaking and writing skills in academic settings, including formal speeches, interviews, discussions, letters, e-mail, and expository writing. Interviews of and discussions with native speakers on current issues. Individual tutorial sessions provide speaking practice. After JAPN 151 or equivalent.  L5RP
TTh 2:30pm-3:45pm

* JAPN 157b, Advanced Japanese IVMika Yamaguchi

Continuation of JAPN 156. After JAPN 156 or equivalent.  L5
TTh 4pm-5:15pm

JAPN 170a, Introduction to Literary JapaneseStaff

Introduction to the grammar and style of the premodern literary language (bungotai) through a variety of texts. After JAPN 151 or equivalent.  L5
MWF 9:25am-10:15am

* JAPN 171b, Readings in Literary JapaneseStaff

Close analytical reading of a selection of texts from the Nara through the Tokugawa periods: prose, poetry, and various genres. Introduction to kanbun. After JAPN 170 or equivalent.  L5
TTh 11:35am-12:50pm