Financial Aid Policies for M.P.H. Students

The YSPH Student Financial Aid Office is located in the Office of Student Affairs, 47 College Street. Jen Farkas, director of financial aid, can be reached at or 203.785.5417. The financial aid policies at YSPH are designed to assist all students as equitably as possible. Financial aid awards are determined based on the estimated cost of attendance for the year in which aid is awarded. Continuing students are required to reapply for loans for their second year if they plan to take them, but are not required to reapply for scholarships. Scholarships will be renewed for the same amount in a student’s second year if the student continues to attend at the same rate of pursuit. The estimated student budget includes all projected costs related to academic and living expenses. The budget does not include expenses related to maintaining an automobile.

In determining scholarship eligibility, YSPH primarily considers merit but may also review the FAFSA for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Federal Veterans Education Benefits

The M.P.H. program is approved for Federal Veterans Education benefits under the GI Bill®. To check your eligibility for benefits, visit the website Additional information about military benefits is available on the Yale website at To be enrolled, see the YSPH registrar.


For 2024–2025, all U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States may be eligible to borrow $33,000 from the Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan program and for additional funds through the Federal Direct Graduate Plus loan (with credit approval). This amount may vary depending on prior borrowing, other financial aid a student may be receiving, and the length of the YSPH academic year. Federal Direct loans generally have  ten- to twenty-five-year repayment period options beginning six months after a student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment.


Students who are matriculated in the M.P.H. program and are registered for 2 or more course units per term are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. Please note that course registration changes may impact financial aid eligibility as well.

International Students

International students may be considered for merit-based scholarships from YSPH but are not eligible for the Federal Direct loan program per federal eligibility requirements.

Reporting Outside Resources

Additional financial support in the form of loans, scholarships, fellowships, additional family support, or employment of any type must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Any such changes may result in a proportional reduction in the financial aid awarded, either federal loans or school scholarships. Students who receive external funding that covers full tuition may not be eligible for YSPH scholarships.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

For information on SAP as it affects federal financial aid programs, see Academic Standards in the chapter Academic Policies.