Annual Awards


The Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowships, the School’s oldest and largest endowed fellowships, established in 1893, are awarded annually for travel and study.

The Critical Practice Research Fellowship is awarded to a distinguished student in the Critical Practice course, for the purpose of attending critical contemporary art exhibitions and events abroad between the first and second years of study.

The Robert Schoelkopf Memorial Traveling Fellowship is awarded annually to a painting/printmaking student for travel abroad between the first and second years of study.


The following prizes are awarded annually to enrolled students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement:

Richard Benson Prize for excellence in photography, leadership within the program, and a desire to teach

Blair Dickinson Memorial Prize for the woman whose whole person demonstrates a developing consciousness, a personal vision, and a spirit of search

Gloucester Landscape Painting Prize for excellence in landscape painting

H. Lee Hirsche Memorial Prize for exemplary creativity and imagination

Ralph Mayer Prize for proficiency in materials and techniques

Fannie B. Pardee Prize for excellence in sculpture

Schickle-Collingwood Prize in recognition of exceptional development and progress by a first-year student

Carol Schlosberg Memorial Prize for excellence in painting

Bradbury Thompson Memorial Prize for consistent excellence in graphic design

Ethel Childe Walker Prize in recognition of exceptional artistic development by an undergraduate student majoring in art

Honorary Awards

The following honorary awards are made each year by the faculty and the dean to enrolled students, on the basis of professional promise:

Phelps Berdan Memorial Award for distinction in painting/printmaking

George R. Bunker Award in recognition of an outstanding student in painting/printmaking

Ward Cheney Memorial Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in performance and composition

Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Award for outstanding achievement in drawing or painting from nature

Rebecca Taylor Porter Award for distinction in sculpture

Ely Harwood Schless Award for excellence in painting

John Ferguson Weir Award in recognition of an outstanding student in the School

Susan H. Whedon Award in recognition of an outstanding student in sculpture

Helen Watson Winternitz Award in recognition of an outstanding student in painting/printmaking

Award Recipients, 2019


Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowships, Angela Chen, Deangelo Mortez Christian, Efrat Lipkin, Africanus Okokon

Critical Practice Research Fellowships, Robert Andy Coombs, Julia Schäfer, Chiffon Thomas, Anne Wu

Robert Schoelkopf Memorial Traveling Fellowship, Mariel Capanna


Richard Benson Prize, Kaitlin Elizabeth Maxwell

Blair Dickinson Memorial Prize, Rosa Griswold McElheny

Gloucester Landscape Painting Prize, Rebecca Shippee

H. Lee Hirsche Memorial Prizes, Alfredo Dominguez Diaz, Leila Seyedzadeh

Fannie B. Pardee Prize, Kerri Ann Conlon

Schickle-Collingwood Prize, Hangama Atiqullo

Carol Schlosberg Memorial Prize, Emile Mausner

Bradbury Thompson Memorial Prize, David Edward Knowles

Ethel Childe Walker Prize, Beatrix Archer

Honorary Awards

Phelps Berdan Memorial Award, Willis Carl Kingery

George R. Bunker Award, Alfredo Dominguez Diaz

Ward Cheney Memorial Award, Brian Gannon Galderisi

Elizabeth Canfield Hicks Award, Lyndsey Alexandra Marko

Rebecca Taylor Porter Award, Rosa Griswold McElheny

Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Fund Award, Gabrielle D’Angelo

John Ferguson Weir Award, Genesis Báez

Susan H. Whedon Award, Azza Salah Elsiddique

Helen W. Winternitz Award, Edwina Y. Dai


Artist Collective Summer School at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, U.K., Kyla Arsadjaja, Sara Emsaki, Dawn Kim, Willis Carl Kingery, Morgan Levy, Karinne Smith, Nicholas Weltyk, Orysia Zabeida

Dumphries House Residencies, Tim Brawner, Lauren Lee

Gamblin Paint Prize, Jose de Jesus Rodriguez

Lafayette College Experimental Printmaking, Easton Pa., Kimberly Altomare

Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Madison, Maine, Genesis Báez, Azza Salah Elsiddique, Kaisi Peng

SOMA Summer, Mexico City, Mexico, Steven Rodriguez, María de los Àngeles Rodríguez Jiménez, Coral Saucedo Lomelí

Yale Prison Education Initiative Teaching Fellowships, Diego Antonio Palacios, Suzanna Zak

Alumni Awards

The following distinguished awards were made to School of Art alumni in 2019–2020:

Aperture’s 2020 Portfolio Prize, Dannielle Bowman (M.F.A. Photography 2018)

Connecticut Commission on the Arts Artist Fellowship Award, Cat Balco (M.F.A. Painting/Printmaking 2007)

Getty Images Reportage Grant, Anna Boyiazis (M.F.A. Photography 1991)

Fulbright Scholar Award, María de los Àngeles Rodríguez Jiménez (M.F.A. Painting/Printmaking 2020)

Hermitage Greenfield Prize, Jennifer Packer (M.F.A. Painting/Printmaking 2012)

Golden Spot Residency, The Ford Family Foundation, Natalie Ball (M.F.A. Painting/Printmaking 2018)

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowships, Leslie Hewitt (M.F.A. Sculpture 2004), Gordon Moore (M.F.A. Painting 1972), Katy Schimert (M.F.A. Sculpture 1989), Danna Singer (M.F.A. Photography 2017)

Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Prize, Seattle Art Museum, Aaron Fowler (M.F.A. Painting/Printmaking 2014)

Light Work Grant in Photography, Reka Reisinger (M.F.A. Photography 2007)

Miller Prize, Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale, Hua Shu (M.F.A. Graphic Design 2019)

Smithsonian Archives of American Art Medal, Howardena Pindell (M.F.A. Painting/Printmaking 1967)

UOVO Prize, Brooklyn Museum, John Edmonds (M.F.A. Photography 2016)

Wein Prize, Studio Museum, Torkwase Dyson (M.F.A. Painting/Printmaking 2003)