Course Descriptions

Courses numbered 001 through 099 are offered only to first-year Yale College students. Courses numbered 110 through 499 are studio electives offered to students from Yale College, the Graduate School, and the professional schools. Permission of the instructor is required for enrollment in all courses. Graduate students of the School of Art who wish to broaden their experience outside their area of concentration have priority in enrollment.

Courses numbered 500 and above are offered only to graduate students of the School of Art. In exceptional cases, qualified Yale College students may enroll in a graduate course with the permission of both the instructor and the director of undergraduate studies. Please refer to the section on Academic Regulations for further pertinent details. Faculty members teach on both the graduate and undergraduate levels, although the degree and the nature of contact may vary.

Tutorials, which are special courses that cannot be obtained through regular class content, require a proposal written by the student and the faculty member concerned, defining both content and requirements. Proposals must be presented to the Academic Subcommittee for approval.

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