School of Art Administration and Faculty

Executive Officers

Peter Salovey, Ph.D., President of the University

Scott A. Strobel, Ph.D., Provost

Marta Kuzma, M.A., Stavros Niarchos Foundation Dean

A.L. Steiner, M.F.A., Assistant Dean for Planning and Relations

Sarah Stevens-Morling, B.F.A., Assistant Dean for Communications and Digital Media

Taryn Wolf, B.F.A., Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Faculty Emeriti

Rochelle Feinstein, M.F.A., Professor Emerita of Painting

Richard Lytle, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus of Painting

Samuel Messer, M.F.A., Professor Emeritus of Painting

Tod Papageorge, B.A., Professor Emeritus of Photography

Critical Studies Faculty

Marta Kuzma, M.A., Professor of Critical Practice and Director of Graduate Studies

Graphic Design Faculty

Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, M.F.A., Caroline M. Street Professor of Graphic Design and Director of Graduate Studies

Keira Alexandra, B.F.A., Critic

Julian Bittiner, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Irma Boom, B.F.A., Senior Critic

Matthew Carter, R.D.I., Senior Critic

Yeju Choi, M.F.A., Critic

Alice Chung, B.G.D., M.A., Senior Critic

Paul Elliman, Senior Critic

Tobias Frere-Jones, B.F.A., Senior Critic

John Gambell, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Ayham Ghraowi, M.F.A., Critic

Barbara Glauber, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Neil Goldberg, B.A., Critic

Yotam Hadar, M.F.A., Critic

Allen Hori, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Pamela Hovland, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Geoff Kaplan, M.F.A., Lecturer

Karel Martens, B.F.A., Senior Critic

Rosa McElheny, M.F.A., Lecturer

Dan Michaelson, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Manuel Miranda, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Sigi Moeslinger, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Christopher Pullman, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Enrique Ramirez, Ph.D., Critic

Richard Rose, M.A., Critic

Julika Rudelius, B.F.A., Critic

Douglass Scott, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Susan Sellers, M.A., Senior Critic

Mindy Seu, M.Des., Critic

Adam Reid Sexton, M.F.A., Critic

Elizabeth Sledge, M.A., Senior Critic

Erin Sparling, Critic

Nina Stössinger, M.A., Critic

Scott Stowell, B.F.A., Senior Critic

Masamichi Udagawa, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Henk van Assen, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Linda van Deursen, B.F.A., Senior Critic

Ryan Waller, M.F.A., Critic

Forest Young, M.F.A., Critic

Painting/Printmaking Faculty

Anoka Faruqee, M.F.A., Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies (on leave, spring 2021)

Meleko Mokgosi, M.F.A., Associate Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies

Mark Aronson, M.S., Critic

Chitra Ganesh, M.F.A., Critic

Matthew Keegan, M.F.A., Critic

Byron Kim, B.A., Senior Critic

Miguel Luciano, M.F.A., Critic

Sophy Naess, M.F.A., Lecturer

Sarah Oppenheimer, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Halsey Rodman, M.F.A., Critic

Karin Schneider, M.F.A., Critic

Robert Storr, M.F.A., Professor

Alexander Valentine, M.F.A., Critic

Anahita Vossoughi, M.F.A., Lecturer

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Photography Faculty

Gregory Crewdson, M.F.A., Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Benjamin Donaldson, M.F.A., Critic

Lisa Kereszi, M.F.A., Critic and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Michelle Kuo, Ph.D., Critic 

Roxana Marcoci, Ph.D., Critic

Lesley Martin, B.Ph., Critic

Rick Moody, M.F.A., Critic

Ted Partin, M.F.A., Lecturer

John Pilson, M.F.A., Senior Critic

Danna Singer, M.F.A., Lecturer

Nancy Spector, M.Phil., Critic

Sculpture Faculty

Martin Kersels, M.F.A., Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Sandra Burns, M.F.A., Lecturer

Brent Howard, M.F.A., Lecturer

Jenn Joy, Ph.D., Senior Critic

Aki Sasamoto, M.F.A., Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Tubergen, M.F.A., Lecturer

Interdisciplinary/Film/Video Faculty

Jonathan Andrews, B.A., Lecturer

Michel Auder, Critic

Justin Berry, M.F.A., Lecturer

Corey McCorkle, M.F.A., Lecturer

A.L. Steiner, M.F.A., Critic

Sarah Stevens-Morling, B.F.A., Critic

Mickalene Thomas, M.F.A., Presidential Visiting Fellow

Administrative Staff

Alex Adams, M.F.A., Facilities Supervisor

Regina Bejnerowicz, M.B.A., Director of Finance and Administration

David Blackmon, M.S., Director of Student Financial Resources and Financial Aid

Emily Cappa, M.F.A., Registrar

Sara Cronquist, B.F.A., Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic Administration and Undergraduate Studies

Edi Dai, M.F.A., Postgraduate Research Fellow, Office of the Dean

Willis Kingery, M.F.A., Postgraduate Research Fellow, Office of the Dean

Beth Lovell, M.F.A., Executive Associate to the Dean

Lindsey Mancini, M.A., Communications Associate

Kris Mandelbaum, M.F.A., Senior Administrative Assistant, Painting/Printmaking and Sculpture

Patsy Mastrangelo, B.A., Senior Administrative Assistant, Graphic Design and Photography

Michael Nock, M.B.A., Development Gifts Officer

Brian Schmidt, M.F.A., Senior Administrative Assistant, Financial Affairs

Edgar Serrano, M.F.A., Equipment Loan and A/V Specialist

Anahita Vossoughi, M.F.A., Assistant Director of Digital Technology

Jill Westgard, M.A., Director of Development

Denise Zaczek, Operations Manager

Center for Collaborative Arts and Media

Dana Karwas, M.P.S., Director

Justin Berry, M.F.A., Critic

Christopher Mir, M.F.A., Programs Manager

Department of the History of Art

Carol Armstrong, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Timothy Barringer, Ph.D., Paul Mellon Professor of the History of Art and Department Chair

Marisa Bass, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Rizvana Bradley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Craig Buckley, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Nicole Chardiet, Senior Administrative Assistant

Edward Cooke, Jr., Ph.D., Charles F. Montgomery Professor of the History of Art and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Kari Coyle, Graduate Registrar

Joanna Fiduccia, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Cécile Fromont, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Milette Gaifman, Ph.D., Professor

Jacqueline Jung, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Subhashini Kaligotla, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Diana E.E. Kleiner, Ph.D., Dunham Professor of Classics and the History of Art

Pamela Lee, Ph.D., Carnegie Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art

Kobena Mercer, Ph.D., Professor

Robert Nelson, Ph.D., Robert Lehman Professor of the History of Art

Quincy Ngan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Jennifer Raab, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Linda Relyea, Operations Manager

Kishwar Rizvi, Ph.D., Professor

Nicola Suthor, Ph.D., Professor

Mimi Hall Yiengpruksawan, Ph.D., Professor

Yale University Art Gallery

Stephanie Wiles, Ph.D., Henry J. Heinz II Director

L. Lynne Addison, B.A., Registrar

Ruth Barnes, Ph.D., Thomas Jaffe Curator of Indo-Pacific Art

Leonor Barroso, B.S., Director of Visitor Services

Lisa R. Brody, Ph.D., Associate Curator of Ancient Art

Judy Ditner, Ph.D., Richard Benson Associate Curator of Photography and Digital Media

Sean Dunn, A.A.S., Director of Facilities

John ffrench, B.F.A., Director of Visual Resources

John Stuart Gordon, Ph.D., Benjamin Attmore Hewitt Associate Curator of American Decorative Arts

James Green, Ph.D., Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation Assistant Curator of African Art

Burrus Harlow, B.F.A., Director of Collections

Elizabeth Harnett, A.A., Program Coordinator

Benjamin Hellings, Ph.D., Ben Lee Damsky Assistant Curator of Numismatics

Elizabeth Hodermarsky, B.A., Sutphin Family Senior Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings

John Hogan, M.F.A., Mary Jo and Ted Shen Installation Director

Patricia E. Kane, Ph.D., Friends of American Arts Curator of American Decorative Arts

Laurence B. Kanter, Ph.D., Chief Curator and Lionel Goldfrank III Curator of European Art

Jessica Labbé, M.B.A., Deputy Director for Finance and Administration

Denise Leidy, Ph.D., Ruth and Bruce Dayton Curator of Asian Art

Susan B. Matheson, M.A., Molly and Walter Bareiss Curator of Ancient Art

Ian McClure, B.A., Susan Morse Hilles Chief Conservator

Brian McGovern, M.A., Director of Advancement

Liliana Milkova, Ph.D., Nolen Curator of Education and Academic Affairs

Mark D. Mitchell, Ph.D., Holcombe T. Green Curator of American Paintings and Sculpture

Heather Nolin, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Exhibitions, Programming, and Education

Sadako Ohki, Ph.D., Japan Foundation Associate Curator of Japanese Art

Keely Orgeman, Ph.D., Alice and Allan Kaplan Associate Curator of American Paintings and Sculpture

Thomas Raich, M.A., Director of Information Technology

Jessica Sack, M.A., Jan and Frederick Mayer Senior Associate Curator of Public Education

Christopher Sleboda, M.F.A., Director of Graphic Design

Tiffany Sprague, M.A., Director of Publications and Editorial Services

Janet Sullivan, Communications Coordinator

Molleen Theodore, Ph.D., Associate Curator of Programs

Jeffrey Yoshimine, B.A., Deputy Director for Exhibition and Collection Management

Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

Heather Gendron, M.L.I.S., Director of Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

Cristián Astudillo, B.A., Library Services Assistant

Sandy Augustitus, B.S., Senior Administrative Assistant

Frank Boateng, M.B.A., M.L.S., Team Leader, Evening/Weekend

Kathy Bohlman, M.A., M.A.S., Archivist, Arts Library Special Collections

Tess Colwell, M.A., M.L.I.S., Arts Librarian for Research Services

Dan Duncan, B.M., Library Services Assistant, Evening/Weekend

Mar González Palacios, B.Arch., B.F.A., M.L.I.S., Associate Director, Arts Library Special Collections

Lindsay King, B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S., Assistant Director for Access and Research Services

Teresa Mensz, B.A., M.A., Library Services Assistant

William Richo, B.S., Library Services Assistant

Shawana Snell, M.S., Team Leader, Daytime

Maria Zapata, A.S., Technical Services Assistant

Yale Center for British Art

Courtney J. Martin, Ph.D., Director

Constance Clement, B.A., Deputy Director

Rebecca Sender, M.B.A., Deputy Director for Finance and Administration

Mark Aronson, M.S., Chief Conservator

Kraig Binkowski, M.L.I.S., Chief Librarian

Rachel Chatalbash, Ph.D., Senior Archivist

Jessica David, M.S., Senior Conservator of Paintings

Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, M.A., Collections Data Manager

Molly Dotson, M.A., M.L.S., Assistant Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts

Martina Droth, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Research, Exhibitions, and Publications, and Curator of Sculpture

Theresa Fairbanks-Harris, M.S., Senior Conservator of Works of Art on Paper

Elisabeth Fairman, M.S.L.S., Chief Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts

Nathan Flis, Ph.D., Head of Exhibitions and Publications and Assistant Curator of Seventeenth-Century Paintings

Lisa Ford, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Special Projects

Linda Friedlaender, M.S., Senior Curator of Education

Matthew Hargraves, Ph.D., Chief Curator of Art Collections

Richard Johnson, B.A., Chief of Installation

Lars Kokkonen, Ph.D., Assistant Curator of Paintings and Sculpture

Beth Miller, M.P.P.M., Deputy Director for Advancement and External Affairs

Corey Myers, Chief Registrar

Jane Nowosadko, B.A., Head of Public Programs

Jules Prown, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow

Chitra Ramalingam, Ph.D., Assistant Curator of Photography

Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye, Ph.D., Curator of Education and Academic Outreach

Lyn Bell Rose, B.A., Head of Design

Edward Town, Ph.D., Head of Collections Information and Access and Assistant Curator of Early Modern Art

Scott Wilcox, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Collections