Registrar’s Office

Most of the transactions that the DUS has with the University Registrar’s Office are described in other sections of this handbook, particularly Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) and Related Publications and How to Graduate a Senior. This section covers other miscellaneous matters. For general questions about Registrar’s Office policies and procedures, e-mail

The Preference Selection Tool

Many departments use the Preference Selection Tool to manage enrollment for certain courses before the start of the term. This online service allows students to rank multiple sections of a course, or multiple courses of a particular family (e.g. freshmen seminars). Seats are distributed to students through lottery and are placed directly on the student’s schedule at the department's discretion. To learn more about the Preference Selection Tool or to implement this service in your department, please contact the University Registrar’s Office at

Classroom Assignments and the Scheduling of Final Examinations

Questions concerning classroom assignments and the scheduling of final examinations may be discussed with Rashaun Durden, Assistant University Registrar.

The University Registrar’s Office will schedule a final examination on request for a course that for one reason or another has not been assigned a final examination date, and assuming the instructor has taken into account the other examinations scheduled for every student in the course. Such requests may be sent to

Student Information and Enrollment Statistics

Each term the University Registrar’s Office sends the DUS an alphabetical list of students majoring in the department or program, but academic records for such students are provided by request only. Departments that have applied for the appropriate clearance through the University Registrar’s Office can also produce academic records for their majors.

In requesting or sending the registrar information about a student, it is important to give the student’s full name, class, residential college affiliation, major, and, if at all possible, the student’s System ID number, which appears on most documents printed by the registrar. Courses should be identified clearly by subject abbreviation and number (e.g., “HIST 119”).

Each term the registrar also makes departmental course enrollment statistics available to the DUS. It is recommended that these statistics be filed carefully, since many DUSes find them useful in subsequent years.