YCPS and Related Publications

Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) is the primary source of information about the curriculum of Yale College. Published online in late-May, the YCPS contains the official listing of Yale College program requirements and academic regulations. It also includes a list of courses offered at the time of publication. A more complete and up-to-date list of courses is available on Yale Course Search.

The First-Year Student website is maintained by the Yale College Dean's Office, however the Academic Information section is updated by the University Registrar's Office. The Academic Information section contains general academic information specifically for first-year students. It includes Yale College policies concerning acceleration and is also a source of information about placement policies in departments offering multiple levels of introductory and intermediate courses.

The Advising Resources website, maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs, provides a variety of resources for first- and second-year students and their advisers. The site offers information about selecting courses and majors, advising, and the Yale College distributional requirements, as well as a calendar of events relevant to first years and sophomores.

It is the responsibility of the DUS to gather and transmit updates for all these publications by the dates specified. Keeping to the production schedule of the YCPS is especially important, and the deadlines set for the submission of copy permit little flexibility. Because the methods and timetables by which departments plan their curricula vary, some DUSes may find that they must remind their colleagues of the stringency of YCPS deadlines.

The publication date for the YCPS has been fixed so that the online catalog is available to students well before the opening of classes. It is from that publication date that the schedule works backward, and the schedule cannot be breached without jeopardy to the publication itself. Courses activated or added to the curriculum after the YCPS deadline are not included in the initial online publication. They are added to the YCPS site and to Yale Course Search (YCS) before the beginning of each term.

The deadlines for YCPS copy fall in early February (see Deadlines and Updates in this section), but there is some opportunity throughout March and April for DUSes to submit changes as they arise.

Questions about the publications and topics below may be directed to the contact listed.

  • Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS): Beth Baumgartel, Assistant University Registrar, 246 Church Street
  • First-Year Student website; Academic Information: Beth Baumgartel, Assistant University Registrar, 246 Church Street
  • Calendar for the Opening Days of College: Hannah Peck, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, 110 SSS
  • Advising Resources website: Risa Sodi, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs & Director of Advising and Special Programs, SSS 32
  • CourseLeaf CIM form: Beth Baumgartel, secretary to the Chair of the Course of Study Committee, 246 Church Street
  • Room assignments: Rashaun Durden, Associate University Registrar, 246 Church Street