The Economic Growth Center

27 Hillhouse Avenue, 203.432.3610

Rohini Pande

The Economic Growth Center is a research organization within the Yale Department of Economics that was created in 1961 to analyze, both theoretically and empirically, economic growth and development. The research program emphasizes the search for regularities in the process of growth and changes in economic structure. In recent years the center has also undertaken new and continuing long-term panel studies and is carrying out randomized field experiments in a number of countries to provide new information on and analyses of the consequences and mechanisms of development. An increasing share of the research involves historical analysis of long-term processes as part of the Economic History Program that is housed in the Economic Growth Center. Current projects in the center include research on technology adoption; microfinance and credit markets; formal insurance; scaling up from randomized control trial; studies of external validity; household consumption; investment and demographic behavior; the role of networks; agricultural research and productivity growth; labor markets and the returns to education of women and men; entrepreneurship; general-equilibrium effects of program interventions; income distribution; domestic and international migration; the relationship between trade and development; production scale; and international political economy. The center’s research faculty hold appointments in the Department of Economics and other departments and schools at Yale, and accordingly have teaching as well as research responsibilities.

The center sponsors a number of activities, including a regular series of workshops on development, trade, and economic history, and provides competitive research grants to graduate students and faculty as well as graduate student fellowships.

The Economic Growth Center Collection, housed in a separate facility at the Marx Science and Social Science Library, is a special collection focused on the statistical, economic, and planning documents of developing countries, including government documents.

The center administers, jointly with the Department of Economics, the Yale master’s degree program in International and Development Economics.