Institution for Social and Policy Studies

77 Prospect Street, 203.432.3234


Alan Gerber

Executive Committee Nicholas Christakis, John Dovidio (Emeritus), Heather Gerken, James Levinsohn, Jennifer Richeson, Frances Rosenbluth, Ian Shapiro, Jody Sindelar, Ebonya Washington

The Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) facilitates interdisciplinary social science inquiry on important public policy subjects in order to advance research, shape policy, and educate the next generation of policy thinkers and leaders. To  achieve these ends, ISPS sponsors high-level conferences, interdisciplinary faculty seminars, targeted research projects on key policy issues, graduate and undergraduate fellowship programs, and postdoctoral appointments.

Recognizing that important social problems cannot be studied adequately by a single discipline, the Yale Corporation established ISPS in 1968 to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration within the University, both across the social sciences and between the social sciences and other disciplines. Today, ISPS hosts a number of major programs, including the Center for the Study of American Politics, the Center for the Study of Inequality, and ISPS Health—a University-wide health policy center. These programs organize many of their activities through ISPS’s Policy Lab, a space for policy-oriented events, research, and collaboration. ISPS also supports the Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics; and the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. 

As the hub for problem-oriented interdisciplinary research at Yale, ISPS provides intellectual leadership in the social sciences; fosters sound and creative research on public policies of local, state, and national significance; and informs both teaching at Yale and academic and public debates beyond Yale.