Yale College Administrative Officers

Administrative Officers

Peter Salovey, Ph.D., President of the University

Scott Strobel, Ph.D., Provost of the University

Marvin Chun, Ph.D., Dean of Yale College [Spring 2022]

Tamar S. Gendler, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Melanie Boyd, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean; Dean of Student Affairs

Alison Cole, M.B.A., Senior Associate Dean for Development, External Affairs, and Special Projects; Director, Development

Jane Edwards, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean; Dean of International and Professional Experience

Burgwell Howard, M.Ed., Senior Associate Dean; Associate Vice President of Student Engagement

Paul McKinley, M.F.A, Senior Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Communications   

Mark J. Schenker, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean; Dean of Academic Affairs

Pamela Schirmeister, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean; Dean of Undergraduate Education

Sandy Chang, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Dean for Science and QR Education

Jeanine Dames, J.D., Associate Dean; Director, Office of Career Strategy

Jeanne Follansbee, Ph.D., Associate Dean; Dean of Yale Summer Session

Kathryn Krier, M.F.A, Associate Dean for the Arts

George G. Levesque, Ph.D., Associate Dean; Dean of Academic Programs

Petronella Van Deusen-Scholl, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Foreign Language Education; Director of the Center for Language Study

Eileen M. Galvez, M.Ed., Assistant Dean; Director of La Casa Cultural

Janay M. Garrett, M.A., Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Alfred E. Guy, Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Dean; Director of the Yale College Writing Center

Matthew Makomenaw, Ph.D., Assistant Dean; Director of the Native American Cultural Center

Kelly McLaughlin, M.A., Assistant Dean of Assessment; Deputy Director and Director of Study Abroad

Hannah Peck, M.Div., Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Rachel Russell, M.Ed., Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Risa Sodi, Ph.D., Assistant Dean; Director of Advising and Special Programs

Joliana Yee, Ph.D., Assistant Dean; Director of Asian American Cultural Center

Joel Silverman, Ph.D., Director of Academic and Educational Affairs

Katie Shirley, J.D., Deputy Title IX Coordinator 

Emily Shandley, B.A., University Registrar

Deans of the Residential Colleges

Berkeley College, Brianne Bilsky, Ph.D.

Branford College, Sarah E. Insley, Ph.D.

Davenport College, Ryan A. Brasseaux, Ph.D.

Timothy Dwight College, Sarah Mahurin, Ph.D.

Jonathan Edwards College, Christina Ferando, Ph.D.

Benjamin Franklin College, Jessie Royce Hill, M.S.

Grace Hopper College, David Francis, Ph.D. 

Morse College, Angela Gleason, Ph.D.

Pauli Murray College, Alexander Rosas, J.D., Ph.D.

Pierson College, Jorge Torres, J.D.

Saybrook College, Ferentz Lafargue, Ph.D. 

Silliman College, Leanna Barlow, Ph.D.

Ezra Stiles College, Murphy Temple, Ph.D.

Trumbull College, Surjit Chandhoke, Ph.D.

Admissions and Financial Aid Officers

Jeremiah Quinlan, M.B.A., Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid

Margit A. Dahl, B.A., Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Scott Wallace-Juedes, B.A., Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid

Kerry Worsencroft, B.S., Deputy University Director of Financial Aid