British Studies

(Courses at the Paul Mellon Centre in London)

During the spring term, the Yale-in-London program at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, located in central London, offers four courses in British studies covering British history, history of art or architecture, literature, and drama. Students take all four courses offered, and courses taught at the Paul Mellon Centre must be taken for a letter grade. Further information is available on the program's Web site. Inquiries may also be directed to The application deadline for spring term 2014 is Friday, October 4, 2013. Students will be notified of acceptance within one month of the application deadline. Inquiries about the summer program, described in the Undergraduate Curriculum section, should be directed to the same address. Applications for summer 2014 are due Monday, February 3, 2014.


*BRST 191b, Visual Sociology in London Philip Smith

An introduction to the field and methods of visual sociology, with particular reference to the opportunities provided by the city of London. Humanistic and more positivist approaches to the study of images, objects, and settings. Ethnographic photography, autophotography, and analysis of existing images; study of visibility, ordering and display in objects, and spaces and public life.  SO

*BRST 192b, Sociology of Tourism in London Philip Smith

Introduction to the sociological study of tourism. The history of tourism, tourist cultures, and tourist behaviors; mass vs. niche tourism; ties to modernity and postmodernity. Special consideration to examples in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom.  SO

*BRST 193b, Victorian Photography Staff

The technological and aesthetic development of photography in nineteenth-century Britain. Photography as art or science; photography's relationship with the visual arts, journalism, social and political campaigns, travel, tourism, and empire; debates about materialism and spiritualism; the figure of the photographer and of the photographic collector.  HU

*BRST 478b, Modern British Drama Sheila Fox and Sheila Fox

A detailed study of representative works of modern British drama, based on current productions on the London stage. Theatrical conventions developed by playwrights and actors in the theater of postwar Britain, both on the fringe and in the mainstream of the West End. Attention to social issues addressed by the plays.  HU