The sculpture program offers students the opportunity to develop their work in a supportive environment consisting of critical feedback from a broad array of diverse voices. The field of sculpture includes a varied collection of working methods and outcomes, creating an energetic and experimental program that mirrors the world facing artists outside of the institution. One set of tools is not privileged over another, allowing participants to explore a variety of art-making processes. Students work independently in individual studios and use common areas for the critique of their work. 36 Edgewood houses the sculpture program and has a woodworking and metal shop, while additional resources such as digital production facilities and libraries are offered by the School of Art and the university at large. No ceramic or glass facilities are available.

The main focus of this program is to facilitate the development of conversation and constructive critique among students and faculty. Our aim is to articulate student work vis-à-vis its own trajectory and in relation to art history and ideas within the current moment. Our conversations are programmatically structured to take place in one-on-one visits with faculty, in small group courses, and within a larger group in our weekly departmental critique.

Approximately ten students are admitted each year.

Credit Requirements

48 credits in area of concentration, including ART 949, and 12 additional credits, including a minimum of 3 academic credits in courses outside the School of Art.

Typical Plan of Study

First Year, Minimum Fall-Term Credits
ART 628Studio Seminar: Sculpture3
or ART 630 Studio Seminar: Sculpture
ART 642Individual Criticism: Sculpture6
or ART 644 Individual Criticism: Sculpture
ART 666X-Critique3
or ART 669 X-Critique
ART 949Critical & Professional Practices3
First Year, Minimum Spring-Term Credits
ART 629Studio Seminar: Sculpture3
or ART 631 Studio Seminar: Sculpture
ART 643Individual Criticism: Sculpture6
or ART 645 Individual Criticism: Sculpture
Academic or Studio Electives6
Second Year, Minimum Fall-Term Credits
ART 630Studio Seminar: Sculpture3
or ART 628 Studio Seminar: Sculpture
ART 632Sculpture Thesis1.5
ART 644Individual Criticism: Sculpture6
or ART 642 Individual Criticism: Sculpture
ART 669X-Critique3
or ART 666 X-Critique
Academic or Studio Elective1.5
Second Year, Minimum Spring-Term Credits
ART 631Studio Seminar: Sculpture3
or ART 629 Studio Seminar: Sculpture
ART 633Sculpture Thesis1.5
ART 645Individual Criticism: Sculpture6
or ART 643 Individual Criticism: Sculpture
Academic or Studio Electives4.5