Housing Expenses

Yale Housing operates the three apartment buildings located on Divinity School property, with priority given to YDS students. These buildings contain eighty-four units total, consisting of junior one-bedroom, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. Two-bedroom units are assigned to residents with dependent children or to single students who wish to reside with a roommate.

Apartments are unfurnished, and each has a living room, kitchenette (refrigerator and stove included), and bathroom. All students are expected to supply their own linens, flatware, dishes, cooking utensils, pillows, blankets, and other housekeeping equipment. Each building has laundry facilities in the basement.

Rental fees are charged monthly to students’ accounts and include heat, hot water, electricity, and wireless Ethernet. Housing licenses for incoming students run from August 1 to June 30 and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Contracts for renewing students are twelve months, beginning July 1 and expiring June 30. Rental fees for summer housing are not covered in students’ financial aid packages for the academic year.

Rental rates and online requests for housing are available at https://housing.yale.edu.

Students receive notification of available housing, based on their application criteria, via email. See University Housing Services, in the chapter Yale University Resources and Services.