Leadership and Research Management for Physician-Scientists

M.D./Ph.D. Program
Edward S. Harkness Hall, Rm. D317, 203.737.5613

Barbara Kazmierczak


One part of the Yale M.D./Ph.D. joint-degree program’s mission is to develop skills in our trainees that are associated with success in a broad range of physician-scientist research careers through experiential learning. The Certificate in Leadership and Research Management for Physician-Scientists was developed to provide formal training in the skills necessary for effective leadership and management of research and clinical teams. We realize that many of these skills also help our students during their M.D. and Ph.D. training period, and we therefore think it is critical that our students learn and practice these skills early in training. Although many of our students already engage in some of these training and experiential activities, the certificate allows us to evaluate and recognize their mastery of these specific skills.

Requirements of the Certificate Program

Modules 1–3 are required of all M.D./Ph.D. students. Module 1: Mentoring will be offered in late spring/early summer and should be taken by students prior to the experience of mentoring a junior trainee. Module 2: Proposal Development will be offered in the fall and should be taken by students in year three, when they are also qualifying. Module 3: Teaching should be taken by students prior to their Teaching Fellow service.

Students will also be required to complete at least one of the four optional modules (Module 4: Communication; Module 5: Leadership and Teamwork; Module 6: Self-Management; Module 7: Nuts and Bolts of Research Management) during the course of their training. The optional modules will be offered every other year, allowing students to complete the workshops during their M.D./Ph.D. training period.

Each module includes an experiential project that must be completed as part of the certificate program. Students who complete all seven modules will receive a Certificate in Leadership and Research Management for Physician-Scientists.

Additional certificate program information is available on the M.D./Ph.D. program website: https://medicine.yale.edu/mdphd/education/cert-physician-scientists.