Academic Technology Policy

The University recognizes that computing and electronic communications have become integral components of the instructional process in many courses, and has sought to provide students and faculty with access to a broad range of computer hardware and software for these courses. Computer resources available at the University have increased enormously in recent years and will continue to increase, but the demand for them sometimes outstrips the supply. The highest priority for access to computing resources has been given to instructional computing, narrowly defined for these purposes as computing that is a required component of a course and that a student must use in order to complete the work for the course. On-campus facilities provide students with high-priority, University-funded access to computing that is more than adequate to complete the work in most courses. Student access to computing for other, noninstructional purposes is available only on a low-priority basis. For the complete Yale University Appropriate Use Policy on Information Technology, see the Information Technology Services website.