Pediatric Nurse Practitioner–Primary Care

The Post-Master’s Pediatric Nurse Practitioner—Primary Care (PNP-PC) Certificate option is intended to prepare the master’s- or doctoral-prepared advanced practice nurse—such as pediatric clinical nurse specialist, pediatric acute care nurse practitioner, neonatal nurse practitioner, or family nurse practitioner—who desires formal education and clinical training in pediatric primary care in order to become eligible to apply for certification and advanced practice licensure as a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner. This Post-Master’s Certificate option builds on the existing curriculum of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner—Primary Care specialty and assumes that the entering student has a master’s degree or doctoral degree in nursing and a specialty in some aspect of pediatric, family, or parent-child nursing.

The plan of study includes all the required courses currently offered in the PNP-PC specialty except for the statistics and research course. For purposes of student eligibility for certification, all PNP-PC required courses must be taken at the Yale School of Nursing or challenged by either examination or demonstration of similar course content in the student’s previous master’s program. A plan of study may be obtained from the specialty director.

Required courses for all post-master’s PNP-PC students will be determined based on the incoming student’s graduate academic record.