Additional Courses Offered

Area I

Advanced Biblical Hebrew Prose

Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions

Apocalyptic Religion in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Apocalypticism: Ancient and Modern

Authors, Editors, and Scribes: The Making of the Hebrew Bible

The Bible in Its Ancient Near Eastern Setting

The Book of Ben Sira

Book of Judges and Contemporary Religious Life

The Book of Lamentations

Composition of the Pentateuch

Corinthian Correspondence

Crafting Early Christian Identities

Daniel and Related Literature


English Exegesis: Epistle to the Hebrews

English Exegesis: First Corinthians

English Exegesis: Gospel and Epistles of John

English Exegesis: Luke-Acts

English Exegesis: Philippians

English Exegesis: Revelation

English Exegesis: Romans

Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures

Gender, Sexuality, and the Hebrew Bible

Gnostic Texts in Coptic

Gospel of John and Parting of Ways

Greco-Roman Proseminar

Greek Exegesis: Acts of the Apostles

Greek Exegesis: Ephesians and the Pauline Tradition

Greek Exegesis: Galatians

Greek Exegesis: Gospel of John

Greek Exegesis: Gospel of Luke

Greek Exegesis: Mark

Greek Exegesis: Matthew

Greek Exegesis: Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Greek Exegesis: Revelation

Greek Exegesis: 2nd Peter and Jude

Hebrew Bible Seminar: Problems in the Book of Deuteronomy

Hebrew Bible Seminar: Problems in the Book of Ezekiel

Hebrew Bible Seminar: Prophetic Stories in Kings

Hebrew Exegesis: Book of Judges

Hebrew Exegesis: Book of Micah

Hebrew Exegesis: Ecclesiastes/Qohelet

Hebrew Exegesis: Genesis

Hebrew Exegesis: Jeremiah

Hebrew Exegesis: Joshua

Hebrew Exegesis: Leviticus

Hebrew Exegesis: Psalms

Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews

Hellenistic Jewish Literature

Historical Jesus

History and Methods of Old Testament Interpretation I

History and Methods of the Discipline of New Testament Studies

History and Methods II: Interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures in Late Modernity and Beyond

History of Biblical Interpretation

History of First-Century Palestine

Introduction to Rabbinic Literature

Jesus’ Death as a Saving Event

Jewish Apocalyptic Literature

Judaism in the Persian Period

Literary Criticism and the New Testament

Literary Criticism of the Hebrew Scriptures

Living with Difficult Texts

Martyrs and Martyrdom

The Messiah: Development of a Biblical Idea

New Testament Apocrypha

Past Tense: Classical Biblical Prophecy

Patristic Greek

Paul and the Spirit

Philo of Alexandria and the Allegorical Interpretation of Scripture

Post-Biblical Hebrew

Prophecy in a Time of Crisis

Prophecy in Context

Readings in Hellenistic Judaism

The Rise of Monotheism in Ancient Israel

Sectarian Movement of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Torah and Jewish Identity
What Are Biblical Values?
Women and Gender in Early Christianity

Area II

African American Moral and Social Thought

African American Religious Strategies

Asian American Theologies


Black Theology

Body and Land

Bonhoeffer and King

Charles Taylor on Self and Secularization

Christ and Confrontation: The Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Christ and the Bodhisattva: Comparative Theology and Buddhist Wisdom

Christian Ethics and Social Problems

Christian Marriage

Christian Theology of “Other Religions”

Christianity and Social Power

Church Growth and Mission through Worship: What Are They Saying?

Churches of the East

Contemporary Black Theologies and the Early Church

Contemporary Cosmology and Christian Ethics

Contemporary German Theology

Contemporary Theological Anthropology

Credo: Faith Prayed and Sung

The Cult of the Martyrs in Early Christianity: Feasts

Cuthbert, Bede, and Their Theological, Musical, and Liturgical Legacy

Daily Prayer

Designing and Curating Worship

Desire and the Formation of Faith

Devotion and Practice in Early Christianity

Digital Media, Liturgy, and Theology

Doctrine of Creation

English Reformation Liturgical Traditions and the Evolution of the Books of Common Prayer

Environmental Theologies

Eschatology, Apocalypse, Utopia

Ethics and Human Nature

The Ethics of St. Augustine

Eucharistic Prayers and Eucharistic Theology

Foundational Texts in African American Theology

Free Church Ecclesiology

Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Christian Faith

Gender and Liturgical History

God in Modern Thought

History of American Evangelical Worship

Imagining Theological Method: De-colonial and Indigenous Possibilities

In the Face of Death: Worship, Music, Art

Introduction to Womanist Theology and Ethics

Liberation Theologies in the United States

Liturgical Movements of the Twentieth Century

The Liturgy, Ritual, and Chant of Medieval England (Sarum Use)

Love, Prophecy, and Social Criticism

Love and Justice

Medieval Christology and Atonement Theory

Medieval Latin for Saints and Sinners

Medieval Theology Survey

Music in Medieval Britain

Natural Law and Christian Ethics

Passion and Atonement: The Cross in Contemporary Theological Discussion

Patristic Christology

Patristic Trinitarian Theology

Political Theology

Practicing Jesus: Christology and the Christian Life

Praying What We Believe: Theology and Worship

Process Thought

Protestant Liturgical Theology

Queer Theology

Readings in Schleiermacher

Reel Presence: Explorations in Liturgy and Film

Reformed Worship

Ritual Theory for Liturgical Studies

Sacrifice: Gift, Ritual, and Violence in Early Christianity

Seminar in the Theology of Paul Tillich

Slavery and Obedience

Some of Us Are Brave: Black Feminist Theory, Black Womanist Ethics

Theological Themes in the Reformed Creeds and Confessions

Theology and Ecology

Theology and the New Testament

Theology of Athanasius

Theology of the Lutheran Confessions

Theology of Vatican II

Theology through Music

Virtue and Christian Ethics

Virtue and Hypocrisy: Moral Thought

Voices of Liberation

War and Violence in Christian Ethics

What Is a Sacrament?

Words for Worship

Worship, Culture, Technology

Worship and War

The Worship Mall

Area III


Calvin and Calvinism

Chinese Protestant Christianity, 1800–2010

Christian Spirituality in the Age of Reform

Christianities in the Colonized Americas

Death and the Dead

Encountering the Bible: From Antiquity to Reformation

Encountering the Bible: From Reformation to Contemporary Society

Finding Spirituality in Modern America

The German Mystical Tradition in Theology, Piety, and Music

German Reformation, 1517–1555

God and Self: Spiritual Autobiographies in Context

Interpreting Medieval Religion

Introduction to Post-Reformation Studies: Sources of Early American History

Islamic Art and Architecture in the Mediterranean

Jews, Christians, and Renaissance Bibles

Late Beethoven

Liturgical Books of the Middle Ages

Living the Reformation

Martin Luther and the Reformation

Music, Liturgy, and Historiography in Medieval England

Native Americans and Christianity

Origins of Christian Art in Late Antiquity


Pietism and the Origins of Evangelicalism

Primary Readings in American Christianity, 1870–1940

Race, Religion, and Theology in America

Reformation Europe

Religion, Literature, and Politics in Early Modern Britain

Religion and U.S. Empire

Religion in American Society, 1550–1870

Religion in the American West

Religions and Societies in Colonized North America

Religious Freedom in U.S. History

Sacred Music in the Western Christian Tradition

Sin, Penance, and Forgiveness in Early Modern Europe

Area IV

Advanced Pastoral Seminar: Narrative Therapy and Care

Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals

Body and Soul: Ministry for Sexuality and Justice

Christian Education in the African American Experience

Congregational Song as a Resource for Preaching and Worship

Contemporary Christian Spirituality

Contextual Preaching

Creativity and the Congregation

Ethnography for Pastoral Leadership

Family Systems and Pastoral Care

Feminist and Womanist Perspectives on Pastoral Theology and Care

The Hebrew Scriptures and Christian Preaching: The Writings

Ignatius of Loyola and the Spiritual Exercises

Introduction to Religious Education

Joy as Spiritual Path in Caregiving Vocations

Leadership and Change

Loving Creation: Spirituality, Nature, and Ecological Conversion

Ministry and Addictions

Multicultural Perspectives on Preaching

Music Skills and Vocal Development for Ministry

The New Homiletic: Innovative Methods of Proclamation

Pastoral Perspectives on Death and Dying

Pastoral Wisdom in Fiction, Memoir, and Drama

Planning and Presiding at Worship

Practical Theology Seminar

Preaching as a Pastor

Preaching the Parables of Jesus

Professional Seminar: Theology and Practice of Church Music

Prophetic Preaching

Psychopathology and Pastoral Care

Radical Pedagogy

The Roundtable Pulpit

Spirituality and Religious Education

Spirituality of Presence in the Pulpit

Teaching as Religious Education: Its Art and Draft

Teaching the Bible in the Congregation

Text, Memory, and Performance

Theologies of Preaching

Women Mystics

Women’s Ways of Knowing

Women’s Ways of Preaching

Area V

Accidental Theologies

African American Religious and Political Thought

American Religious Thought and the Democratic Ideal

Art, Architecture, and Ritual in Early Christianity and the Middle Ages

The Art and Architecture of Conversion and Evangelism

Chinese and Japanese Christian Literature

Christian Art and Architecture from the Renaissance to the Present

Christian Pilgrimage

Christian Social Ethics

Christianity and Ecology

Communicative Ethics in a Multicultural Democracy

A Communion of Subjects: Law, Environment, and Religion

Communities of Chant

Covenant, Federalism, and Public Ethics

Critical Moments in the History of Christian Art

Cult of the Saints in Early Christianity and the Middle Ages

Dante’s Journey to God I and II

Death and the Afterlife: East and West

Disagreement, Fallibility, and Faith

Divine Command Theory

Environmental Ethics in Theory and Practice

Ethics and the Climate Crisis

Ethics and the Economy

Evangelism in the Context of Mission and World Christianity

Faith, Democracy, and Social Change

Faith, Doubt, and Redemption in Twentieth–Twenty-First-Century Fiction

Faith and Globalization

Faith and the Will

Faith-[In]forming: Christian Poetics

Gender, Religion, and Globalization: Practices, Texts, and Contexts

Genesis: Scripture, Interpretation, Literature

Global Ethics

Global Ethics and Sustainable Development

Hegel’s Philosophy of Religion

If I Cannot Fly, Let Me Sing: Poetry in Music

Indigenous Traditions and the Environment

Interpreting Gospel Music

Jewish Space

Kant’s Philosophy of Religion

Kierkegaard’s Philosophy of Religion

Late Medieval English Drama

Literature of Trauma

Mary in the Middle Ages

Metaphysics and Epistemic Self-Trust


Modern Faith

Passion of Christ in Scripture, Literature, and Visual Arts

Performance of Text: Poetry of T.S. Eliot

Performative Theology

Philosophy of Religion

Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism

Poetry and Faith

Poetry for Ministry

Practices of Witnessing and Onlooking

Psalms in Scripture, Literature, and Music

Rationality and Christian Belief

Religion, Ecology, and Cosmology

Religion, Power, and the Self

Religion and the Performance of Space

Religious Lyric in Britain

Religious Pilgrimage in China and Tibet

Religious Themes in Contemporary Fiction

Resources for the Study of Religion

Ritual, Hermeneutics, and Performance Art

Sacred Music in the Western Christian Tradition: From the Bible to Modernity

Science and Religion

Sensational Materialities: Sensory Cultures in History, Theory, and Method

South and Southeast Asian Christianities

Spiritual Autobiography

Spiritual Topographies in Modern Poetry and Fiction

Theological Predications and Divine Attributes

Theology of Plato and Aristotle

Travel Seminar: Border Crossing to El Salvador

Virtue, Vice, and Epistemic Injustice

Visual Fluencies

Witnessing, Remembrance, Commemoration

Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Religion

Writing about Religion