All students register online, using the Online Course Selection system, during the period stated in the academic calendar. Failure to submit the electronic schedule worksheet to the faculty adviser by the due date will result in a $100 late registration fee. There will be no charge for course changes made prior to the end of online registration, as stated in the academic calendar, but there will be a $25 fee for each course change made after online registration has ended.

The student’s program is subject to review by the Professional Studies Committee, with particular attention to the distribution of the courses among fields in the curriculum and to the relevance of the individual’s program for vocational objectives.

A student may not enter a course later than the final date of online registration as specified in the academic calendar without the permission of the faculty adviser and the instructor involved. Under no circumstances will students be enrolled in a course after the third week of classes. A student may not drop/withdraw from a course later than the “last day to drop a course” as specified in the academic calendar.

Duly enrolled students who expect to continue their studies at Yale Divinity School during the next year are required to record that intention at the registrar’s office before April 1, in order to reserve a place in the School. Failure to do so will result in a fee of $50.