Withdrawal and Readmission

Students who wish to terminate their program of study should confer with the associate dean of academic affairs regarding withdrawal. The associate dean of academic affairs will determine the effective date of the withdrawal. The University identification card must be submitted with the approved withdrawal form in order for withdrawal in good standing to be recorded. Withdrawal forms are available in the registrar’s office. Students who do not register for any fall or spring term, and for whom a leave of absence has not been approved by the associate dean, or who do not return from or ask for and receive an extension of an approved leave, are considered to have withdrawn from YDS.

Students who discontinue their program of study during the academic year without submitting an approved withdrawal form and the University identification card will be liable for the tuition charge for the term in which the withdrawal occurs. Tuition charges for students who withdraw in good standing will be adjusted as described in the Tuition Rebate and Refund Policy (under Tuition and Fees).

A student who has withdrawn from YDS in good standing and who wishes to resume study at a later date must apply for readmission. Neither readmission nor financial aid is guaranteed to students who withdraw. The deadline for making application for readmission is February 1 of the year in which the student wishes to return to YDS. The student’s application will be considered by the Admissions Office.