Information for First-Year Students

The First-Year and New Student Resources section of the Yale College Dean's Office website provides incoming students with useful resources for their first year at Yale. The website includes practical advice about moving to campus, an overview of academic and advising resources available to students, and information on special first-year programs. 

The First Year tab, found on your department's home page of the online YCPS, provides a brief and general introduction to your department's program and may be used to highlight courses of particular interest to first-year students. The DUS has responsibility for gathering and submitting updates each year. Prior to the beginning of the spring term, you will receive an email request to review your department’s material on the First Year tab when you update your program's Overview tab. Updates are due in early February. 

You are encouraged to keep your material for the First Year tab brief and general, and to refer students to the comprehensive program overview where appropriate. Specifics about placement tests, departmental meetings, and other first-year orientation events are published in the Calendar for the Opening Days of Yale College, which is available to students online in mid-June. Preference selection information is found on the University Registrar's Office website.

Questions regarding the First Year tab may be addressed to Beth Baumgartel.