International Security Studies

31 Hillhouse Avenue, 203.432.6242

Arne Westad (History)

International Security Studies (ISS) at Yale was founded in 1988 and is supported by the Smith Richardson Foundation, the Jewett Foundation, and the Friends of ISS. ISS operates in partnership with the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, directed by Beverly Gage, and is dedicated to the study of international history, grand strategy, and global security.

Although ISS is not a degree-granting program, its faculty members, fellows, and affiliates write and teach about numerous aspects of international history and world affairs. Their interests range from high politics and economic change to cultural transfer and nongovernmental activism. ISS strives to understand the genealogy of the present through diverse historical and methodological approaches, and to develop and apply holistic insights into the most pressing concerns of the twenty-first century.

ISS organizes an array of extracurricular activities each academic year. It hosts lectures, dinner debates, conferences, colloquia, and discussion groups. It also provides competitive summer grants to support language training and archival research for Yale students. Postdoctoral fellowships and predoctoral fellowships are available to scholars from other universities, and to serving members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Inquiries should be directed to or to International Security Studies, Yale University, PO Box 208353, New Haven CT 06520-8353. Further information on ISS can be found at