Poster and Publicity Policy for YSN Student Organizations

Posters must be confined to the bulletin boards, kiosks, display cases, and other spaces that the Yale School of Nursing has specifically designated for posters. Other forms of non-electronic publicity on campus grounds or buildings at Yale School of Nursing are prohibited. The following regulations apply to YSN student organization posters on the Yale School of Nursing’s campus:

  • Posters may not exceed 11 by 14 inches. Only one copy of each poster may be placed on the same bulletin board/display area.
  • Posters for an event must provide the name of the event, its date, time, and location, including the name of its sponsoring organization.
  • To post in a particular Yale building outside of YSN, follow the applicable poster policy of that institution/organization.
  • Authorized staff members1 typically remove all posters from bulletin boards and other designated spaces once a week. Posters improperly placed in other locations (interior or exterior walls, doors, signs, trees, utility poles, etc.) or that otherwise do not comply with this policy will be subject to immediate removal.
  • Unless by authorized staff members, the removal, defacing, destroying, or posting over existing posters is prohibited.
  • Glue, staples, and tape of any variety (e.g., Scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape) are damaging and may not be used on any Yale property. Thumbtacks or pushpins should be used on bulletin boards but may not be used on any interior or exterior woodwork.

Violation of these regulations may result in a student organization’s loss of official recognition and consequent loss of funding opportunities. Violations may also subject individuals to discipline under other University or School regulations. Students or student organizations may also be charged for the costs of removing improperly posted materials and repairing any damaged property.