Grading System and Definitions of Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail

The grading system consists of Honors (H), High Pass (HP), Pass (P), and Fail (F). The School employs a standard set of definitions for each grade.

Criteria for assessment of learning are the prerogative of individual faculty; however, the School uses a standard numerical system for converting scored tests and assignments to the grading system, as follows:

H Honors (92–100)
HP High Pass (83–91.99)
P Pass (74–82.99)
F Fail (73.99 and below)

Yale School of Nursing does not round final grades. 

The standard numerical system is not used for Pass/Fail courses. Furthermore, Pass/Fail courses are not included in the calculation of cumulative GPA on a student’s transcript.

Final grades for Pass/Fail courses are assigned as follows:

  • Pass (P/F)
  • Fail (F/F)

Five additional indicators may appear on a student’s transcript:

  • Incomplete (INC)
  • Credit Waiver (CRW)
  • Audit (AUD)
  • Withdrawal (W) 
  • Full-Year Course (YR). A “grade” of YR is assigned for the first term of a full-year course and will be converted to a standard grade once both terms are completed.

Honors (H)

Superior graduate-level performance. Superior performance is maintained with new or complex material. Consistently demonstrates complete and accurate understanding and application of knowledge and skills. Synthesizes and integrates data from relevant disciplines and evidence-based sources to make decisions. Independently and appropriately initiates and follows through with learning opportunities.

High Pass (HP)

Above-average graduate-level performance. Deals with new or complex material when periodic consultation is given. Demonstrates conceptual and accurate understanding and application of theoretical knowledge and skills. Uses information from relevant disciplines and evidence-based sources when developing a database or making decisions but does not always achieve synthesis and true integration. Follows suggestions about opportunities that will enhance learning.

Pass (P)

Meets requirements as derived from course objectives. Demonstrates adequate understanding and application of theoretical knowledge and skill.

Fail (F)

Does not meet requirements as derived from course objectives. No credit is given for the course.

Pass/FaiL (P/F)

The Pass/Fail course has been completed satisfactorily without identifying level of performance.

Fail/Fail (F/F)

The Pass/Fail course has not been completed satisfactorily. No credit is given for the course.

Incomplete (INC)

All students are encouraged to complete all course work by the end of the term. However, a student and instructor may agree to an extension on completing course work. A grade of Incomplete (INC) on a transcript refers to such unfinished course work. For additional information, see the Request for a Grade of Incomplete policy at

Credit Waiver (CRW)

Ungraded credit for work completed at another school that is applied toward a course requirement at YSN. Receiving a course credit toward the requirements for the degree requires demonstration of competence or mastery of the particular subject matter. More information is available at


A student who wishes to audit a course outside of Yale School of Nursing must receive permission from the instructor (not all faculty allow auditors) and YSN adviser and must officially enroll in the course as an auditor by contacting the Office of the Registrar at YSN. Typically, the minimum general requirement for auditing is attendance in two-thirds of the class sessions; instructors may set additional requirements for auditing their classes. Audited courses appear on the student’s transcript with a grade of AUD.