Emergency and Administrative Suspensions

Emergency Suspension

The dean of Yale College, or a delegate of the dean, may place a student on an emergency suspension from residence or academic status when (1) the student has been arrested for or charged with serious criminal behavior by law enforcement authorities; or (2) the student allegedly violated a disciplinary rule of Yale College and the student’s presence on campus poses a significant risk to the safety or security of members of the community.

Following an individualized risk and safety analysis, the student will be notified in writing of the emergency suspension. A student who is notified of an emergency suspension will have 24 hours to respond to the notice. The emergency suspension will not be imposed prior to an opportunity for the student to respond unless circumstances warrant immediate action to ensure the safety and security of members of the community. In such cases, the student will have an opportunity to respond after the emergency suspension has been imposed.

When a student in Yale College is placed on an emergency suspension, the matter will be referred for disciplinary action in accordance with school policy. Such a suspension may remain in effect until disciplinary action has been taken with regard to the student; however, it may be lifted earlier by action of the dean or a delegate of the dean, or by the disciplinary committee after a preliminary review.

Administrative Suspension

An administrative suspension is granted upon request of a student in situations in which the student faces serious criminal charges and in which action by the disciplinary committee might irreparably prejudice the student’s cause before the courts.  An administrative suspension suspends a student from Yale College in the same manner as any suspension; however, it is without prejudice to the disciplinary review of the complaint against the student. In effect, an administrative suspension means that the student facing a criminal hearing voluntarily withdraws from enrollment and residence in Yale College with the understanding that re-enrollment, through the normal procedures for reinstatement, can occur only after the student’s disciplinary action has been considered in the normal manner. The decision to grant an administrative suspension resides solely in the authority of the relevant disciplinary committee; even when a student requests an administrative suspension, the disciplinary committee may decide to consider the complaint immediately.

The administrative suspension may remain in effect for no longer than one year from the date it is granted, at the end of which time it must be reviewed by the disciplinary committee. The student may then request in writing an extension of the administrative suspension for another period not to exceed one year. However, an extension of an administrative suspension may not remain in effect longer than three months past the date on which the matter has been adjudicated by the courts or otherwise settled, or if sooner, two weeks beyond the opening of the academic term if determination by the courts has occurred when Yale College is not in session.

A student who receives a favorable decision in the courts may still be subject to discipline under the University or Yale College policies.