Identification Cards, Yale University

Yale University issues identification (ID) cards to faculty, staff, and students. ID cards support the community’s safety and security by allowing access to many parts of campus: dining halls and cafés, residential housing, libraries and athletic centers, workspaces, labs, and academic buildings. Cultivating an environment of public safety requires the entire community to work together to ensure appropriate use of our spaces, as well as to foster a sense of belonging for all members of our community.

University policies, regulations, and practice require all students, faculty, and staff to carry their Yale ID card on campus and to show it to university officials on request. Yale ID cards are not transferable. Community members are responsible for their own ID card and should report lost or stolen cards immediately to the Yale ID Center:

Members of the University community may be asked to show identification at various points during their time at Yale. This may include but not be limited to situations where: individuals are entering areas with access restrictions; for identification in emergency situations; to record attendance at a particular building or event; or other academic or work-related reasons related to the safe and effective operation and functioning of Yale’s on-campus spaces. 

For some members of our community, based on the needs and culture of their program, department and/or characteristics of their physical spaces, being asked to show an ID card is a regular, even daily, occurrence. However, for others it may be new or infrequent. For some, being asked to produce identification can be experienced negatively, as a contradiction to a sense of belonging or as an affront to dignity. Yale University is committed to enhancing diversity, supporting equity, and promoting an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful. University officials requesting that a community member show their ID card should remain mindful that the request may raise questions and should be prepared to articulate the reasons for any specific request during the encounter. In addition, individuals requesting identification should also be prepared to present their own identification, if requested.