Subject Abbreviations

ACCT Accounting
AFAM African American Studies
AFST African Studies
AKKD Akkadian
AMST American Studies
AMTH Applied Mathematics
ANTH Anthropology
APHY Applied Physics
ARBC Arabic
ARCG Archaeological Studies
ARCH Architecture
ARMN Armenian
ASL American Sign Language
ASTR Astronomy
BENG Biomedical Engineering
BIOL Biology
BRST British Studies
BURM Burmese
CENG Chemical Engineering
CGSC Cognitive Science
CHEM Chemistry
CHLD Child Study Center
CHNS Chinese
CLCV Classical Civilization
CLSS Classics
CPAR Computing and the Arts
CPSC Computer Science
CSEC Computer Science and Economics
CSLI Computing and Linguistics
CZEC Czech
DEVN DeVane Lecture Course
DRST Directed Studies
DUTC Dutch
E&EB Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
EALL East Asian Languages and Literatures
EAST East Asian Studies
ECON Economics
EDST Education Studies
EENG Electrical Engineering
EGYP Egyptian
ENAS Engineering and Applied Science
ENGL English Language and Literature
ENRG Energy Studies
ENVE Environmental Engineering
EP&E Ethics, Politics, and Economics
EPS Earth and Planetary Sciences
ER&M Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
EVST Environmental Studies
F&ES Forestry & Environmental Studies
FILM Film and Media Studies
FNSH Finnish
FREN French
GLBL Global Affairs
GMAN Germanic Languages and Literatures
GREK Ancient Greek
HEBR Hebrew
HGRN Hungarian
HIST History
HLTH Global Health Studies
HMRT Human Rights
HNDI Hindi
HSAR History of Art
HSHM History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health
HUMS Humanities
INDN Indonesian
ITAL Italian Studies
JAPN Japanese
JDST Judaic Studies
KHMR Khmer
KREN Korean
LAST Latin American Studies
LATN Latin
LING Linguistics
LITR Comparative Literature
MATH Mathematics
MB&B Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
MCDB Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
MENG Mechanical Engineering
MGRK Modern Greek
MMES Modern Middle East Studies
MTBT Modern Tibetan
MUSI Music
NAVY Naval Science
NELC Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
NSCI Neuroscience
OTTM Ottoman
PERS Persian
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PLSC Political Science
PLSH Polish
PNJB Punjabi
PORT Portuguese
PSYC Psychology
RLST Religious Studies
ROMN Romanian
RSEE Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
RUSS Russian
S&DS Statistics and Data Science
SAST South Asian Studies
SBCR Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
SCIE Science
SKRT Sanskrit
SLAV Slavic Languages and Literatures
SNHL Sinhala
SOCY Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPEC Special Divisional Major
STCY Study of the City
SWAH Kiswahili
TAML Tamil
TBTN Classical Tibetan
THST Theater and Performance Studies
TKSH Turkish
UKRN Ukrainian
URBN Urban Studies
USAF Aerospace Studies
VIET Vietnamese
WGSS Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WLOF Wolof
YDSH Yiddish
YORU Yorùbá
ZULU isiZulu